Wreck-It Ralph (2012) (Revisited)

logoDirector: Rich Moore

Writer: Phil Johnston, Jennifer Lee (Screenplay) Rich Moore, Phil Johnston, Jim Reardon (Story)

Starring: (Voice Talents) John C. Reilly, Sarah Silverman, Jack McBrayer, Jane Lynch, Alan Tudyk, Ed O’Neill, Mindy Kaling


Plot: When Ralph of Fix-It-Felix gets tired of being the bad guy he heads into the gaming world to find a medal. He enters one game called Heroes Duty where he gets his medal but also accidently unleashes a series of events that could destroy the video game world they live in. Ralph ends up in Sugar Rush game where he meets Vanellope an apparent glitch in that game who just wants to race but the evil King Candy won’t let her. Ralph must now make up for what he has done before it is too late and become the hero he so much desired to be.


Group Therapy
Group Therapy

Verdict: Brilliant animated adventure film

Story: When you get a film that has so many references to the game world much to the same level the toy references are in Toy Story are you know you have something special. This story shows that even when you are doing a job you need to be appreciated and if you are not you have to make a change. It also shows that you should appreciate the people that do the little things to make you so popular. It deals with the ideas of being treated equal and that should be treating everyone equal no matter what the differences are between each other. (10/10)


Character Review: Ralph – A great character that shows just because your job is to be bad doesn’t make you a bad guy. He is clumsy but also has a heart of gold who just needs to be welcome in by people. (10/10)


Character Review: Vanellope – A hyper excitable character who is fed up of being left in isolation and just wants to be part of the game. An important character that shows no matter if you different you are doesn’t mean you should be cast a side by everybody. (9/10)


Character Review: Felix – He has to stop Ralph in all his game outings but doesn’t notice or want to fix how people look at Ralph outside the game. He is all about innocents getting put in the wrong hands whereas along as he good he ignores the rest of the people around him but has to learn he isn’t the centre of attention by the end. (9/10)


Character Review: Calhoun – Strict Sergeant from heroes Duty who has to stop all hell letting loose in the game world and fix what Ralph has caused. (9/10)


Character Review: King Candy – He is the evil ruler of the Sugar Land game but he has a bigger secret behind his motives. (9/10)

 king candy

Director Review: Rich Moore – In his first animated feature film he shows how well he can tell a story on screen. (9/10)


Adventure: Great adventure aspects in the film. (9/10)

Comedy: some very clever laughs and jokes that all will enjoy. (9/10)

Family: Great family friendly film that all will enjoy. (9/10)

Animation: Brilliant animated film using all different types of graphics references to show how old the characters games are and reflect with older graphics. (10/10)

Music: Brilliant soundtrack which includes great songs as well as great tunes from video game history. (10/10)

Chemistry: The chemistry between all the characters is great up there with the chemistry between Sully and Mike in Monsters Inc. (9/10)

Chances of Tears: Maybe a few. (5/10)

Settings: Inside the video game world, where the characters travel through the wires to go to each of the games and can interact with all the other characters great setting for the film. (9/10)

Sugar Rush
Sugar Rush

Suggestion: This is such a fun film for anyone who has ever played a video game. I would suggest this to everyone I feel this could have been the best animated film out in 2012, full of very likeable characters and a great storyline that all the family will enjoy. (Watch)


Best Part: Clever references to gaming history.

Action Scene of the Film: The final showdown.

Funniest Scene: Ralph invades Sugar Land ceremony.

Favourite Quote: Calhoun ‘Doomsday and Armageddon just had a baby and it is ugly!’

Oscar Chances: Nominated but didn’t win lost out to Brave, don’t know how

Chances of Sequel: It could have a sequel

Similar Too: Toy Story


Overall: This is Video game version of Toy Story

I Have to give this a better rating after watching a second time 

Rating 93

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  1. Good review Darren. While it may not be the most sophisticated animated flick like it was promised as being, it’s still a funny, happy and sweet flick altogether.

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