Woman In Black (2012)

Stepping out of the Harry Potter franchise Daniel Radcliffe takes the lead in this hammer horror picture.

The story centres around a young lawyer Arthur Kipps who has to leave his son with the nanny while he travels to a remote village to look after documentation of the Eel Marsh House that belonged to the recently deceased Mrs. Drablow.

What seems like an innocent job takes a turn when he hears the town story about a mysterious woman in black who is meant to haunt the same house.

The story soon becomes real and the horrors of the reality could soon hit home for young Arthur, can he discover the truth before it is too late?

With very limited scene time for the supporting cast this film really does ride on Daniel Radcliffe’s performance. As i have never seen a Harry Potter film I still found it hard to see this guy not being Harry, which is a shame because he does put in a very good performance. It’s a performance that never seems to over react which happens way too much in horror films.

As for the scares i did find them effective to a level where you knew there was going to be one but what the scare was surprised. It is good to see this as a film that didn’t rely on lots of gory and used it’s suspense to create the horror, in the end its a very good horror film and what i would like to think was a good step for Daniel Radcliffe to get out of the Harry Potter tag.

My rating is 80%

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