Wolves of War (2022) Movie Review

Wolves of War – Movie Review

Wolves of War

Director: Giles Alderson

Writer: Toby Kearton, Samuel Christopher Ellis, Ben Mole (Screenplay)


Plot: At the end of WWII, a tough British officer leads a band of Allied commandos into enemy territory in Bavaria on one last impossible mission to extract an American held hostage by the Nazis.

Runtime: 1 Hour 27 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Wolves of War starts as Captain Norwood (Willis) leads a group of soldiers, Jack (Westwick), and Deegan (Gittins) behind enemy lines. The mission is to locate a missing American Professor Hopper (Graves) who has been captured by the Nazis.

As the English start their mission, they find themselves coming up against the larger army, seeing them overcome the odds to save the scientist. They must still find a way out of the country, the next challenge the soldiers must face.

Verdict on Wolves of War


Jack Wallace is a soldier that is in the war to make sure his daughter has a future. He wants to help the families that might be in trouble, which sees him clash with orders to do the right thing. His decisions help Norwood complete the missions.

Captain Norwood is the man running the missions, he is left to make the difficult decisions along the way. He looks to do the right thing to save the people involved and keep his men safe.

Deegan is the sniper in the team. He keeps his distance from close combat because he is the best shot in the team. This is similar to most of the supporting cast, not many get used to moving forward with anything going on.


Ed Westwick does well in the leading role of the film. He gives his character the heart of anyone involved in the movie. Matt Willis in his first acting role does well keeping his character by the rulebook. The supporting cast does well in the film too, without anyone standout.


The story follows a small group of British soldiers needing to go behind enemy lines for a top-secret mission. This will see them needing to solve the problems they are facing to make this happen.

When it comes to war missions, we are used to seeing a small number needing to overcome a large number to complete the mission. We have seen many stories like this before, which get to tell heroic stories that many people never heard about. This does tell an important story, but it never manages to get as intense as it should be.


Wolves of War is an action war movie that sees a small unit looking to complete an operation. The movie will use small country homes for locations, which never feels like it is dangerous for anyone involved. The gun fights feel tame for what they were, with some bad reactions to being shot along the way.

Where to Watch: Signature Entertainment presents Wolves of War on Digital Platforms on 12th September and DVD on 19th September

Final ThoughtsWolves of War is an easy-to-watch war movie, that doesn’t feel that intense.

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