Wild Men (2021) Movie Review

Director: Thomas Daneskov

Writer: Thomas Daneskov, Morten Pape (Screenplay)

Starring: Rasmus Bjerg, Zaki Youssef, Bjorn Sundquist, Sofie Gradbol, Marco Ilso, Jonas Bergen Rahmanzadeh, Hakon T Neilsen

Plot: In a desperate attempt to cure his midlife crisis, MARTIN has fled his family to live high up in the Norwegian mountains. Hunting and gathering like his ancestors did thousands of years ago.

Runtime: 1 Hour 44 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Wild Men starts when Martin (Bjerg) has left his family to become a wild man in the Norwegian mountains, hunting and gathering like his ancestors. When Martin starts causing problems around the local town, he will find himself pursued by the police, meeting Musa (Youssef) a man involved in a car crash, as the two build an unlikely friendship, away from people, as the pair will find themselves wanted for different reasons from people back in the mainland.

Thoughts on Wild Men

ThoughtsWild Men is an adventure comedy that will see two men at different stages of their lives come together when they need to escape their lives, become wild men in the Norwegian mountain range. This will bring the human factor to life into the bigger spotlight, showing how important being happy can make people do the strangest things in life. The story is clever to show us both sides of what has happened with Martin, with his family searching for him and him not fitting in with what he wants to commit too. The Norwegian Mountain range will make for a jaw-dropping backdrop for this movie. The performances in the film are great with Rasmus Bjerg committing to the wild man figure.

Wild Men is in cinemas 6 May from Blue Finch Film Releasing, Click Here for more information

Final Thoughts Wild Men is a fun comedy about finding peace in life.

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