Who Could Play Elena in the Next Uncharted Movie?

Who Could Play Elena in the Next Uncharted Movie?

The first Uncharted movie bought the action sequences and exploring. The popular characters from the game including Victor Sullivan and Chloe Frazer. One of the key members of the original game was missing Elena Fisher. Elena is the TV reporter, who is introduced as the person funding the latest journey. She is looking to make the bigger story, before becoming a love interest over the course of the franchise. Elena is just as quick as Nathan with the one-liners, always up for the adventure and has plenty of connections within the world to help Nathan along the way.

The Nathan Drake we got to meet is around 25 years old, which does explain why we didn’t get Elena. She meets the more adult version of Nathan, one that has a bigger reputation in treasure hunting world. If we do get the next movie, you would like to think Nathan would be around 30 now. The end credits scene hinting at somebody waiting for the pair, my guess is that it is meant to be Elena. Ready to rescue them, like she often did in the games.

I am going to put together a list of stars who I believe who take on the role of Elena and bring their own star power to the role. Expecting to see a cameo from Emily Rose, the original voice actor behind the character. I am going to be picking people who could play around 30 years old, to keep the age between them and Tom Holland similar to the games. I have also decided to exclude Zendaya because we don’t need to see Holland and Zendaya leading another franchise.

Hailee Steinfeld

Hailee was an actress that burst onto the screens with a big adventure role in True Grit. Uncharted would bring a more fun side to the adventure which she handled with ease in the Bumblebee movie. Her latest appearances in the Hawkeye TV show. Hailee is built with a natural confidence that will make Elena come to life. She will make Nathan have the daft moments, while she will be the smartest person in the room.

Florence Pugh

Florence could be one of the easiest choices if not the popular one. Her most recent outings as Yelena Belova is the Marvel universe. We know she can jump into an adventure movie and handle herself with ease. Her comedic timing was near perfect, and Florence would have everything needed to make a great Elena in this franchise. Florence might well be a name on the top of many people’s list, but it does feel like we might be getting countless offers to become her own leading character over a supporting one.

Anya Taylor Joy

Anya is one of the hottest stars in Hollywood right now, getting offers from every direction. Appearing in some of the most popular franchises already. With her latest one be Furiosa coming up in the next couple of years. When we look at the last couple of roles in The New Mutants and Last Night in Soho. We have seen her move away from the role she once was playing becoming a lot more confident. The role of Elena could give her a chance to enjoy breaking out in an adventure role, using her own natural bilingual skills to make Elena get plenty of laughs over Nathan along the way.

Kaitlyn Dever

Kaitlyn is the one actress on the list that has a connection to the games. She voiced Cassie, Nathan and Elena’s daughter in the fourth game. She would understand the tone in what is needed for the character. Kaitlyn has mostly handed the dramas, with Booksmart being her biggest comedic movie. This will be a chance for her to break out from a more commercial side in a way most people agree she would deserve.

Jasmin Savoy Brown

Jasmin is the star I know the least about and have seen in the least amount, but from just the Scream (2022) performance. I saw all the traits that will make her an excellent choice for Elena. Jasmin bought all the confidence with her performance, being the person that filled in any information needed. Showing her character as being the person that can deliver information. Which you will want to listen to and have the comedy timing for the sarcasm often seen in the banter between the Nathan and Elena.

Saoirse Ronan

Saoirse might well be the strangest pick. When you look at her more recent work with her not touching the action roles since around 2013. Saoirse is an actress that is always able to surprise with the high standards she brings to her roles. With this being a challenge we haven’t see her take on in years. If we do dive back into her early career with films like The Host and City of Ember. We know she can bring it in the adventure roles, it is more about whether she is willing to step away from the serious dramas and take on an adventure once again.

Zoey Deutch

Zoey is an actress that has been turning heads in recent years. Turning movies that can often get the more negative reviews into performances that give her all the praise. Zoey knows how to make her characters the centre of attention. With Elena needing to be the main part of many of the points in Uncharted. This is playing into her strengths to make her stand toe to toe with the more action heavy leads in the film.

Emma Roberts

Emma has spent plenty of her career playing the confident female leads. She can bring the over-confident funny, the quirky, every type of ambitious female roles. One thing Emma doesn’t have much experience in, is the action genre. This would work in her favour because when we first meet Elena. She isn’t shown as a full-blown hands on approach to the adventures. More a reporter finding herself in too deep, needing to adapt to this environment.

Zazie Beetz

Zazie has come into Hollywood with a bang over the last couple of years. Scene stealing supporting role in the Gerard Butler disaster film Geostorm. Domino in Deadpool 2, where she easily keeps up with Ryan Reynolds fast talking. More recently Zazie was brilliant in The Harder They Fall and she is just waiting for a new role which could her return to for more than one outing. Zazie would bring a different dimension to this character. One that is filled with even more charisma than many of the other picks. One that will show how important Elena is for Nathan’s adventures.

Chloe Grace Moretz

Chloe has been appearing in movies since 2005 when she was just 8. We have seen the young star grow up with her movie roles. Where she has often played roles well beyond her years including the younger sister Rachel in 500 Days of Summer. Most famously the foul mouthed Mindy Macready/Hit-Girl in the Kick-Ass movies. In the last couple of years, Chloe has moved into the more adult roles. Elena being a great role for her to take on, with the confidence and comedic timing she could bring to the role.

Kathryn Newton

Kathryn has been making a big impact in recent years with her roles in Big Little Lies. A supporting roles in Oscar nominated movies such as Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri and Lady Bird. Where Kathryn will bring more experience than most of the selection comes from the plucky young reporter Lucy Stevens in Pokémon Detective Pikachu. Who is the character that has the most charisma in the human characters. Showing her as someone who will be resourceful throughout that film. The character of Lucy could be seen as everything we would expect from an early case for Elena.

Jessica Rothe

Jessica burst onto the big screens with her incredible performances in the two Happy Death Day movies. Where her performance elevated the movie to the next level. Jessica showed a range from these films that will show the strength as a performer that would work perfectly for role of Elena. Jessica might well be the oldest of the selection. Which is hard to think about calling someone in their mid-30s old, but with this comes the experience of a big adventure movie that could spark the next movie.

Who would you pick for the role of Elena in Uncharted?

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