Who Are the Most Famous Actors Killed by Michael Myers


Who Are the Most Famous Actors Killed by Michael Myers?

Since 1978, Michael Myers has terrorised the cinema audience. Giving plenty of actors their first break in movies, usually seeing them bite the bullet if they aren’t in the leading role. The fact, that we have had 12 movies in the Michael Myers side of the franchise, he has had plenty of victims to pick off. I am going to avoid putting in actors that are famous for getting killed off in horror movies too. The main reason for this is that Rob Zombie hired so many iconic horror actors to bite the bullet in his two films.

This article will contain MAJOR spoilers for every Halloween movie discussed.

P.J. Soles – Halloween

P.J. Soles might not be a household name, but she is one of the many icons within the horror community. Having previously appeared in ‘Carrie’. She went on to become one of the many iconic figures recruited to perform in many horror movies over the recent years. ‘The Devil’s Rejects’ and even a cameo in the 2018 version of Halloween.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt – Halloween H20: 20 Years Later

Jimmy is one of the neighbourhood teenagers that offers to help Marion after her home is broken into during the opening sequence. He is an arrogant young man believing he can tackle any burglar found in the residence in question. Jimmy does get flustered by the noises in the dark home believing the home is empty. After returning home, Marion comes calling back for more help only to find Jimmy lying in a chair with an ice skate through his face. We know Joseph Gordon-Levitt has gone on to appear in many more successful projects since this movie and he was in the middle of the ‘3rd Rock from the Sun’ run for this movie.

Jodi Lyn O’Keefe – Halloween H20: 20 Years Later

Sarah is one of the teenage friends at the school while the rest are away. She gets involved in a secret party with Laurie’s son and friends. Sarah becomes one of the victims of Michael when she finds herself alone searching for her boyfriend. Finding his dead body, Michael appears behind her as she desperately tries to escape up dumbwaiter. She gets injured, leaving her easy pickings for Michael to finish off the job. Jodi did have a successful TV career, most famously in ‘Prison Break’ and was also in the middle of her Nash Bridges run while appearing in this movie.

Adam Arkin – Halloween H20: 20 Years Later

Will Brennan is his school psychologist and secret boyfriend to Laurie. He is happy-go-lucky around the school with how he conducts himself and is one of the other few that remain at the school during the trip away. He is hoping for a quiet weekend with Laurie, but when Michael arrives things change. Will tries to help by shooting a figure in the hallway, only to learn who it really is as Michael appears from behind him, stabbing him in front of Laurie. Adam followed Jodi and Joseph was in the middle of his best TV run with ‘Chicago Hope’. He has appeared in countless other TV shows throughout the years as well as the recent Nicolas Cage movie ‘Pig’.

Jamie Lee Curtis – Halloween Resurrection

Laurie herself finally bit the dust against Michael, in the aftermath of Halloween H20, Laurie was tricked by Michael into killing an innocent paramedic. This sees her locked up in an asylum waiting for Michael to come for her. She has been storing her medicine to make sure she is prepared for when Michael comes. The chase is intense, with Laurie having a trap for Michael, being in complete control. She gets caught up not wanting to make the same mistake, tricked by Michael to get the knife wound before she falls to her death.

Michael did do most of the danger and put her in this position, so we are giving him credit for this. Where this upset most fans and the fact Jamie is front and centre of the poster and dies within the first ten minutes of the film. It is wildly considered one of the worst decisions in the franchise and killed this line in the series.

Sean Patrick Thomas – Halloween Resurrection

Rudy is another one of the close friends of Sara and Jen, he is involved in a culinary course at college but like the others wanted to get famous quickly. Once the group realize they are against the real Michael Myers, Rudy tries to help the women escape, only to find himself at the end of the very knives he wants to make a living out off. Sean followed on from most of his ‘Cruel Intentions’ co-stars into a slasher horror, being one of the hottest prospects in Hollywood around the early 2000s. An extended run in ‘The District’ is the highlight of his busy career, despite always being around the spotlight.

Katee Sackhoff – Halloween Resurrection

Jen is the best friend of our lead Sara. She pushes Sara to go on the reality show, knowing it will help them both in the long run. After her previous prank, nobody else believes she is involved in the next scream and after seeing Freddie’s prank too. Jen’s scream goes unanswered and Michael appears too, that is until Michael slices her head off. Katee went on to appear in a string of movies, but it is her sci-fi cult status that she will always be remembered for. Battlestar Galactica made her a big name and her involvement with Star Wars only grew her reputation.

Thomas Ian Nicholas – Halloween Resurrection

Bill is one of the contestants on the reality show. He seems more obsessed than he should be with Michael Myers. Bill is the first of the contestants to be killed, as he is looking for a chance to get even on a prank. Thomas was fresh from the ‘American Pie’ movies when he starred in this, bringing a teen audience along with him. Like many of the American Pie cast. Not everything went as smoothly but for the time this was released it was a surprise to see one of the casts killed by Michael Myers.

Tyra Banks – Halloween Resurrection

Nora is the behind-the-scenes camera operator and partner of Freddie. She sees the success happening and wants to make sure the show goes out perfectly to the audience. Nora is killed after discovering something on the cameras, along with the tone of the film. She believes it is Freddie playing a joke first. Tyra Banks went on to become one of the most influential women on TV. From America’s Next Top Model to her own show The Tyra Banks Show. It would be fair to say she has been on the television screens for a generation of people growing up in America.

Daryl Sabara – Halloween (2007)

Wesley is a bully picking on a younger Michael Myers, making him his first human victim in this timeline of the franchise. He has pushed Michael too far and Michael jumps him beating him to death in the woods. Daryl is most famously known for his early roles in the Spy Kids franchise. Seeing him jump into this horror movie shows how quickly they grew up.

William Forsythe, Danny Trejo, Lew Temple, Ken Foree and Dee Wallace – Halloween (2007)

These five actors have all appeared in multiple Rob Zombie movies and are all known to be killed in horror movies. Their kills feel like they are only placed in here for extra kills. Rather than building on the story enough despite one being a stepfather to a young Michael.

Octavia Spencer – Halloween II (2009)

Nurse Daniels is one of the nurses on duty in the aftermath of Halloween. She tries to calm Laurie, she appears stabbed before Michael returns violently killing her. This is surprising looking back on the Oscar winner’s career. She has become one of the most popular actors in the industry and seeing her killed off in such a brutally violent way is shocking. It might also only be a dream though.

Danielle Harris – Halloween II (2009)

Annie Brackett somehow survives the brutal attack in the first movie. She has recovered but living a quiet life with Laurie and her dad. This sees her finally getting caught by Michael, as he hunts for Laurie once again. Danielle Harris had appeared in four movies, and with this being her second role. Her previous character was killed off. Only once she had been recast. Now the modern-day scream queen can add her name to the list of Michael Myers victims.

Brea Grant – Halloween II (2009)

Mya is one of the new friends Laurie has made in the new town. She takes her to the party and returns to her home to discover Annie has been killed. As the two try to get help, she finds herself killed by Michael. Brea Grant might not be the biggest name to everyone. However, she has become one of the best directors in Horror as well as continuing to star in them.

Judy Greer – Halloween Kills

Karen is Laurie’s daughter and Allyson’s mother, the middle-aged character in the Strode women. In this version of the series, she has tended to be the least involved of the women trying to maintain the peace. She meets her end after the mob loses to Michael and she steps into the Myers home. watching through a window, she gets brutally killed for a stinger for the series.

Are there any more major names in Hollywood that get killed off by Michael Myers?

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