What to Expect in Fast 11


What to Expect in Fast 11?

Fast X has just smashed onto the big screen. It is already going to make millions and Vin Deisel has also confirmed that we are getting at least two more sequels. However, the question remains what to expect from Fast 11? Today, I am going to look through a few things that need answers and see if we can work out what might happen, following the action-packed last outing.


What to Expect in Fast 11?

1 – Newcomers Having a Bigger Impact

Fast X gave us a couple of new faces. First, we got to me Abuelita the grandmother of Dominic. Played by Oscar winner Rita Moreno she hosts the family BBQ.  She is only used for the opening time with the family together and passing on a few words of wisdom. I feel we are only likely to see her again if the family is reunited.

Second, we have Tess, who is Mr Nobody’s daughter who also works for the agency. She believes Dom’s team is innocent and looks to do everything to help him as she can. Despite getting wounded and taken to a hospital. You would expect her to have a much bigger impact in the next film. If we are being honest, it felt like a big name for the sake of it, she definitely wasn’t a major player in Fast X.

The final newcomer is Isabel, she is Elena’s younger sister and street racer. Dom saves her and she gives him the information to help him get closer to Dante. She could easily become a player in the later movies a new younger addition to the cast.

2 – How Does Dom escape?

Remember I mentioned full spoilers, well this is one of those big moments. We are left with a cliff-hanger ending as Dom has saved Little B but is trapped on a dam. Dom decides to drive down the dam avoiding the explosions escaping to the water blow. However, Dante is finished with him now and decides to blow the dam. This is the final shot we get of Dom in this film.

While there is no doubt the pair will escape the situation, the question remains how. This could annoy people leaving us like we were left, but it could be a simple returning figure or other members of the family coming to the rescue. I have no doubt this will be the question everyone wants to know the answer to going into the next movie and we will see it in the trailer.

3 – Hobbs & Shaw

Deckard Shaw gets a visit from the Roman, Tej, Ramsey and Han side of the story. We get a basic fight showing the kick-ass side of Jason Statham and he leaves to save his mum who has been targeted. This is all we get from him in this movie, a little disappointing but set up for the next chapter.

On the other hand, Hobbs appears in the end credits sequences getting a threat from Dante. We know from the Hobbs and Shaw movie, he has a massive family. I expect to see a big showdown on the same island and even things coming full circle to show who was behind the villain in their movie.

We must see more from these two, they bring so much more to the action sequences and have even more charisma together.

4 – Returning Faces

It wouldn’t be a Fast movie without somebody coming back from the dead. In this one, Gisle makes her return in the final shot, piloting a submarine to meet Cipher and Letty. While we don’t hear anything about how she survived and why she vanished. I am sure we will have that to look forward to in the next movie.

Little Nobody also returns here, he seems like he understands his role and gives Dom’s crew a lot more respect. However, he does seem to just vanish after the Rome heist, and it still isn’t clear if he is related to Tess.

5 – Missing Faces

Despite having a massive cast, there are a couple of notable missing faces after the events of Fast 9. First, the only one that gets mentioned, Mr Nobody, has gone missing. This is fine, it works for the mystic around his character.

On the other hand, Elle the young woman Han had been protecting for years has just seemingly been forgotten about. Not even a mention of her, despite coming in handy during the final showdown in that movie.

Outside of the missing faces from Fast 9, We don’t get any mention of Owen Shaw who has vanished since helping rescue Baby Brian. Also, the extended family franchise Hattie continues to get ignored by the main line.

6 – Aimes

I left Aimes of the newcomer’s list because of his actions in the movie. He has taken over the agency from Mr Nobody. This means he is calling the shots and flip-flops on his position with Dom. It felt like he did the Hobbs redemption arc only to turn in the final showdown. The question about his character is more about whether he is working completely with Dante, or whether he has a bigger master to listen to.

The action behind the character Alan Ritchson is almost perfectly set up for a physical battle with the big guys down the line. It will be interesting to see if he just becomes a partner, henchman figure or steps out on his own.

7 – Who is Still Alive?

This sounds like a stupid question considering the track record the Fast Franchise has had for character deaths. All the impactful ones seem to have been turned around on us. However, this time it feels like we might have seen the end of at least one character.

It would be fair to say that Jacob is 100% dead after his sacrifice for Dom. Even if it didn’t feel earnt for the character, it is hard to see him coming back from that moment.

One of the bigger questions is out of the Roman, Tej, Ramsey and Han crew. Did they survive the plane crash? I fully expect they did, and I feel the cars on board will be used to save Dom too. But it could see one of them bite the dust, as in their small moments in the film. They did get a chance to question their place in the situation.

8 – Letty & Cipher

Letty and Cipher find themselves in a black site for their crimes. While Cipher has been there before, Letty was the only member of the team captured. They must reluctantly put their differences aside to make it out. This feels like an attempt to build a Hobbs and Shaw type of environment between the two. It doesn’t quite click the way it seems to want to, but we could get more of them working together in the next instalment. Whatever happens in the next film, it looks like Cipher will be helping the family deal with Dante.

9 – The Brian Situation

The fast franchise has always had the Brian situation looming over their heads. Paul Walker’s sudden death changed how the movies could unfold and they have always had Brian leaving the life. Despite Mia coming back to help countless times.

It feels like we are going to get a Paul Walker replacement in the next movie. Dante’s plan feels like he will continue to target people and Brian is next in line and could easily be used in the bigger picture.

It has always been a big problem the franchise has faced and for a moment in the opening part of the film. I thought they were going to say he had died in the film. The way Dom is looking at old photos made it seem like a possibility.

10 – Dante’s Continuing Revenge

Dante might well have been the best addition to the franchise in years. Jason Momoa commits to bringing us a truly unhinged villain with no fears. His catchphrase is simple and threatening ‘Never accept death when suffering is owned’. The first movie seems to focus on Dom, while the end credits scene shows he is going after Hobbs. All while having Shaw searching for his family. Dante is looking to take out everyone who has ever worked with Dom in the past.

That is What to Expect in Fast 11? What are you looking forward to seeing?

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