Unconditional (2023) Movie Review

Unconditional – Movie Review


Director: Richard Lui

Plot: Follows three families over about seven years as they struggle and cope with mental health issues.

Runtime: 1 Hour 28 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict on Unconditional

Unconditional is a documentary following different families that are coping with being caregivers. It gets to explore different reasons for people needing to become caregivers as people deal with different illnesses. We get to see how different family members have learnt how to adapt to a new life, one they never imagined going through.

This gets to show both sides of the difficult situation, as they looked to adapt and prepare for their lives. It shows how they faced different challenges and points out how the support system wasn’t always there for them. This gets to explore over different years, seeing what the families have done to help adapt. It gets to show that not everything is easy to prepare for.

This is an eye-opening documentary that pulls the curtain of invisible illness back. It explores challenges and shows solutions as it hopes to help people that might be suffering the same. The movie does feel important and shows that there is always help out there, just be prepared to ask for it. This is all about raising awareness and what can be done to help.

Final Thoughts Unconditional is an important eye-opening documentary.

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