Triple Threat (2020) Movie Review

Triple Threat – Dream Chasing Musical

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Director: Stacey Maltin

Writer: Jay DeYonker, Stacey Maltin (Screenplay)

Starring: Stacey Maltin, Jay DeYonker, Margarita Zhitnikova, Catherine Curtin, Neal Lerner, Aury Krebs

Plot: A relationship between three best friends-on the verge of their Broadway debut-is put to the test when diverging dreams meet the realities of adulthood.

Runtime: 1 Hour 39 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Triple Threat starts as best friends Chloe (Maltin) and Maggie (Zhitnikova) are preparing for their first show. 10-years-later on the verge of Broadway, they face a new surprise. When the pair get the greenlight for Broadway. The male lead and man who stepped into making the show Gus (DeYonker) decides he wants a baby. He turns to the pair to help him make it happen.

The show is going through the final preparations. The three friends find themselves struggling with adulthood. Through the moment that should be their crowning achievement.

Thoughts on Triple Threat

Characters & Performances

Chloe is the co-writer and star of the musical; she has been writing this play for years. ‘Firefly’ is her baby to give to the world, building a trusted team around her. Chloe sees this starting to become a reality, with an unexpected twist in the process changes the friendship.

Maggie is the best friend, co-writer, and director of the play. She doesn’t have the talent to perform, but she can arrange the talent perfectly. Maggie will take the responsibility to help Gus in personal life. She will put a professional point of view on the play.

Gus is the stranger the pair meet when they need a new lead in the play. He steps in and leads the play for 10-years, dropping the bombshell before the Broadway run. Gus wants to have a baby, turning to his friends for help to make this happen.

The three lead actors Stacey Maltin, Jay DeYonker and Margarita Zhitnikova are great. Each performer gets a chance to shine, having different moments in the story to make an impact.


The story here follows two friends who are chasing their dream of having their play on Broadway. Seeing them hit the problems along the way. We get to follow the journey to make a dream come two. Seeing the process, the passionate creators have for their project.

The story will go over the number of years, the production of the play going parallel to the baby process. We get to see how the modern-day life will bring different relationships. Ones that might not always get the same treatment for the process. This story will bring the magic of chasing a dream, see their struggles along the way and how much it means to see it succeed.


Triple Threat is a comedy drama follow a Broadway dream. We will get musical numbers filled with joy, showing the magic in the musical written. The New York setting will show us the home of the biggest musical home, with Broadway.

Final ThoughtsTriple Threat is an enjoyable musical having great musical numbers.

Triple Threat Rating

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