Marlene (2020) Movie Review

Marlene – Important, Powerful Drama

Marlene Poster

Director: Wendy Hill-Tout

Writer: Wendy Hill-Tout, Cathy Ostlere (Screenplay)

Cast: Kristin Booth, Greg Bryk, Julia Sarah Stone, Dempsey Bryk, Maxim Roy, Ryan Northcott

Plot: A woman fights to exonerate her husband from a crime he did not commit.

Runtime: 1 Hour 50 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Marlene starts as Marlene (Booth) is pushing her husband Steven (Greg Byrk) into clearing his name, after he was released from prison. A murder he never committed; one he served the time for. She wants to have a re-trial, to prove his was innocent with new DNA evidence helping his cause.

Marlene and Steve get to tell their story, how they lived a life after his released. One that held them live in the shadows, that has consumed Marlene’s life. Seeking the justice, she believes her husband should have for the crime he never committed.

Thoughts on Marlene

Characters & Performances

Marlene is a devoted wife of Steven. She started following the case before the two met. Leading to her investigating the case, searching for the truth. Even after his release, the pair meet, fall in love and have a family. She continued searching for the truth, wanting to clear his name, so her family could return home. Devoting her life for the truth, never giving up on find the truth.

Steven Truscott was a 14-year-old boy that was convicted of murder. He was left to serve his time, never given a fair trial. Having been released from prison he did get to start a life, with a family. He has been left with the shadow of being known as a murderer for his whole life. Meaning his family must move around a lot whenever someone learnt his identity.

Julian Sher is a reporter that is willing to listen and tell the story. Helping make this story bigger, where people would have to listen to the story. We have the lawyer that has been working for the family for years, trying to explain what they are facing.

Kristin Booth and Greg Bryk are both fantastic in the leading roles. Booth bringing the performance of the woman who would give up everything for the truth, almost neglecting her family for answers. Greg Bryk shows the man who has been through so much in his life, one that lost his life because of the injustice.


The story here follows Marlene who fought her whole life to get the conviction her husband had cleared. Knowing the case was never put to trial fairly, being forced to change their own lives in the aftermath. Wanting to take on the justice system that has failed them.

Shown in a way that slowly shows more of the truth could turn the case. How even after decades, more of the story can still be revealed. Getting glimpses of the nightmares Steven suffers from his time in prison. We don’t get any courtroom side of the case and don’t get to learn enough about the true person behind the crime. Focusing on the man who was wrongfully branded a murderer. We go through the decades, seeing the different struggles from the incident in 1959 right up to the 2007 moment that would relieve the family name.

Final ThoughtsMarlene is a brilliant drama about fighting for the truth, against all odds.

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