Townhouse Confidential (2022) Movie Review


Townhouse Confidential – Movie Review

Director: Patrick Perez Vidauri

Writer: Rosalind Resnick (Screenplay)


  • Sam Sizemore (Blue Bloods)
  • Lee Tyler (Mysteries at the Museum)
  • Brittany Bennett
  • Allison Wick (Chicago Med)
  • Jonas Barranca (Hightown)

Plot: Three sisters try to find a tenant to rent their garden apartment. They later meet George Barrow who’s plotting to turn their apartment into a hedge funder Disneyland of 50-foot-wide townhouses with spas, movie theatres and in-ground pools.

Runtime: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Townhouse Confidential starts when three sisters, Liz (Simone), Mary (Wick) and Lydia (Bennett) look for a new tenant for their townhouse. George Barrow (Tyler) looks to rent the apartment as the sisters discover they are struggling to pay their mortgage.

The three sisters must figure out how to make money in a week to clear their debts. This sees them learn who is important in their lives, and where they could find a solution. Meanwhile, they learn that somebody might be trying to buy their home and turn it into a hedge funder Disneyland.

Verdict on Townhouse Confidential

Townhouse Confidential is a romantic comedy following three sisters struggling to make ends meet in their Townhouse. They go in search of money with different methods as they learn about their own entitlement. This sees them making new friendships along the way as they try to find a solution.

The comedy in the movie works well, showing the daily struggles in life, as well as showing the lives the sisters live. It starts strong by showing the three different lives, however, once we get into the deeper story. Liz tends to get a lot more focus on the story. Everything we see in the movie feels like it is a great foundation for a sitcom. It is all built for more laughs and misadventures for the characters that you would like to see more.

Final ThoughtsTownhouse Confidential is a fun little romantic comedy.

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