Top 10 Worst Remakes

When it comes to remakes we sometimes get some unnecessary ones that ruin a classic, we sometimes get some that are bigger budget to low budget that get edited down for a younger audience. The films I have picked are ones that I enjoyed the original only to watch the remake butcher it.

10. Step Father


When Terry O’Quinn created the creepy step father it was always going to be hard to get the same level. This remake fails to create the atmosphere and genuine sinister action that the original held.

9. Straw Dogs


When Dustin Hoffman stared in the original it was one of the talking points of film with its controversial material. This remake tries to be a simple copy and again fails to do it as it doesn’t cross the lines the original did.

8. Black Xmas


Trying to recreate a classic horror film with little or no attempt to create the atmosphere from the original. Not to mention the title change to try and sound modern.

7. Planet Of The Apes


When you get Tim Burton on board for a film you think it will be a good thing, this is not true when it comes to remakes with the complete copy of the original right down the same twist ending.

6. Piranha 3D


This was a perfect example of using the torture porn rather than a story. The gore is way over the top and the use of nudity is just lazy to get horny guys to watch this over a better film.

5. Day Of The Dead


I don’t really know where to start with this but zombies that crawl along the celling compared to the original trying to train a zombie to be human again. This is messy and ridiculous that unlike Dawn of the Dead remake ruins the classic.

4. Friday The 13th


As Friday the 13th is one of my favourite film franchises I was looking forward to this, after Halloween remake. I was wrong very wrong this just didn’t follow the ideas from the original material and instead of the slasher film it just goes for blood and nudity for the sake of it.

3. The Fog


This one is about the big budget remake of an atmospheric classic. It loses the ideas from the original material and instead of using the slow build up that made the first such a classic.

2. Total Recall


Arnie made one of the most iconic film performances in the original, it simply didn’t need to be remade especially with Colin Farrell stepping up and failing to improve the role and making the original even more loved.

1. Evil Dead


One of my favourite horror films is the original Evil Dead films. This is awful it is just blood for sake of it, it loses all what the film stood for and I wish I never have to watch it again.

Worst Of The Rest

  • Assault On Precinct 13
  • The Eye
  • The Time Machine
  • Italian Job
  • Hills Have Eyes
  • House Of Wax
  • Shutter
  • Disturbia
  • Nightmare On Elm Street

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