Those Who Call (2021) Movie Review

Those Who Call – Movie Review

Those Who Call

Director: Anubys Lopez

Writer: Anubys Lopez (Screenplay)


  • Yetlanezi Rodriguez
  • Angie Sandoval
  • Reese Fast
  • Dave McClain

Plot: When their car breaks down at a small Texan town, two sisters must do everything in their power to survive a sadistic pagan cult.

Runtime: 1 Hour 30 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Those Who Call starts when two sisters Sandra (Rodriguez) and Ana (Sandoval) are on a road trip. They have been wanting this to catch back up after years of distance. As they travel through a Texan town, they find themselves breaking down, forced to search for help.

The sisters travel through the local woodland area and find themselves being stalked by an unknown threat. They know they are being watched and are left to figure out how to make it out of the situation.

Verdict on Those Who Call

Those Who Call is a horror mystery following two sisters that find themselves roaming around a woodland area being stalked by a mysterious cult. They are meant to be bonding, as they look to reconnect and learn more about what happened to their father.

This does take us through a mystery of what a cult wants from victims. It relies on the two searching for help only ending up lost along the way. However, there is way too much time on the drama of why the two are here and not enough focus on the cult involved. It all ends up feeling like there was so much more to come and everything ends up feeling flat.

Final Thoughts Those Who Call is a by-the-book cult movie without any shocks.

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