The World’s Most Dangerous Borders – Episode 3 – Boko Haram

The World’s Most Dangerous Borders – Episode 3 – Boko Haram

Story: Boko Haram continues into Niger, where he gets to learn the reality of the terrorist group Boko Haram, that murder countless people, with people being forced to join them in Nigeria, the effects of these people have seen the cities living in fear, moving in to Chad, we get to see even more of the problems are in this country, getting to meet survivors who have escaped the terrors.

Thoughts on Boko Haram

Thoughts – Boko Haram shows the shocking reality of the world in the central African countries of Niger, Chad and Nigeria, which will leave Reza the shocking truth about what he could end up experiencing himself, if he puts a foot wrong. This is a transitional episode as Reza says goodbye to his guide so far Henri and looks to prepare for the final steps of his journey. This is the biggest wake up call to the events in Africa, showing us just how dangerous the militant terrorist groups are to not just one country, but many countries in the area. The episode does end in a calmer nature, bring the journey back to the climate change happening with the change being done.

Final Thoughts Boko Haram is the most uneasy episode so far, one that opens more eyes on the problems that goes unseen. 4/5

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