The Woman (2011)

Director: Lucky McKee

Writer: Lucky McKee, Jack Ketchum

Starring: Carlee Baker, Angela Bettis, Sean Bridges, Lauren Ashley Carter, Pollyanna McIntosh, Zach Rand, Shyla Molhusen.


Story Lawyer Chris Cleek (Bridges) his wife Belle (Bettis) and three children Peggy (Carter), Brian (Rand) and Darlin (Molhusen) all live in the country house and seem like any normal family. After a hunting trip Chris finds a Woman (McIntosh) roaming around in the woods, he decides to bring her how and make her civil.


As the family is asked to work together we start to see the cracks in this normal looking family. Concerned teacher Genevieve Raton (Baker) notices changes in Peggy. With the cracks showing and woman locked in the basement what could happen and what secrets will be reviled?

Verdict: This horror thriller comes off to good effect where you want to work out what is going on only to guess one thing before another option opens up. Each character starts seemingly normal be it over worked father, housewife, away from the world daughter or rebellious son, only for each one to have much darker side or secret. The story comes of easy to follow only for a twist that you will not see coming. This is one for all the horror fans may not be that scary but still has a good thrilling side.

Story Mark 7/10 Simple story nicely put together.

Horror Mark 6/10 Not the scariest but good thriller.

Star Performances Lauren Ashley Carter as Peggy she hides the biggest secret even when it looks like she will crack she won’t and gives a good performance.

Favourite Character Peggy the only one that seems to show humanity through out the film.

Least Favourite Character Chris he just doesn’t seem to like his family or people but he is a bad guy, which means he did give a good performance in the role.

Best Part The end is good ending for the characters.

Worst Part The way the Chris captured a so-called wild woman so easily.

My Rating 72%

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