Episode 50 (2011)

Director: Joe Smalley, Tess Smalley

Writer: Joe Smalley, Tess Smalley, Ian Holt

Starring: Josh Folan, Chris Perry, Natalie Wetta, Keithen Hergott, Eleanor Wilson, Justin Brutico, Robert Maisonell, Kieron Elliot

Story A team of paranormal investigators lead by Jack (Folan) go out to solve what looks like paranormal when it actually is something much more simpler. After 49 episodes of their show they get give a chance for a huge season climax, they are asked to investigate a haunted institute with years of stories of unexplained deaths.

Upon arriving at the location Jack and his team find out that there is a religious investigating team lead by Dylan (Hergott). The teams have different methods, different equipment and a different reason to be involved with the paranormal. Can they make it through the weekend in this haunting hot spot or will they become the newest victims?

Verdict Starting off as a found footage it soon turns into a run of the mill horror but then becomes an almost documentary of what had happened with interviews with the investigators popping up after each scene. Being a low budget horror the effects achieved are equal to some of the big budget ones. The scares never really reach any highs, which could make this a proper scary film, I only really thought one bit even started to get the scare part going. If you like the remake of House on Haunted Hill and Paranormal Activity this is a mix that works to the level you want to see how this show will end, well worth a watch.

Story Mark 8/10 Nice idea not the most original but some parts add to a genre that is all the rage now.

Horror Mark 7/10 Could have had more scares but I guess by the idea of the movie it wasn’t about the scares it was about finding the existents of paranormal.

Star Performances The cast all did well all relative unknowns.

Favourite Character Andi (Wetta) she is involved in paranormal for the mystery and wants to solve as many as she can.

Least Favourite Character Dylan always seems to either get in the way or do something wrong.

Best Part Andi in the nurses room alone has a scare factor.

Worst Part Not enough jumps or scares

My Rating 74%

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