The Wild Man (2021) Movie Review

The Wild Man – Movie Review

The Wild Man

Director: Ryan Justice

Writer: Sean Michael Gloria, Ian Longen (Screenplay)


  • Lauren Crandall
  • Julian Green
  • Mike Reed
  • Michael Pare
  • David E McMahon

Plot: The skunk ape, also known as the Florida Bigfoot has been rumoured to be responsible for several murders in South Florida. A documentary crew sets out to uncover the truth.

Runtime: 1 Hour 35 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Wild Man starts when Sarah (Crandall), Brandon (Green) and Tim (Reed) head to South Florida in search of answers about a series on unsolved mysteries. Sarah leads the investigation, meeting the locals who give her ideas and potential answers to what is going on.

The three turn to local expert Dale (McMahon) who has been searching for the skunk ape for years. Now they must trust the stranger with their lives, as they hope to solve the mystery of the missing people.

Verdict on The Wild Man

The Wild Man is a horror-found footage movie revolving around the Skunk Ape. It follows a group of documentary filmmakers who look to find answers about the myth of the skunk ape in Florida, only to find something much more terrifying.

The story is smart enough to follow in ‘The Blair Witch Project’ footsteps by having a strong motivation to be doing the documentary. This helps us understand the ambition the team must succeed. When it comes to what we see, it does end up being rather chaotic and while it does explain all, it tries to put too much into everything.

By the end of the film, you will feel like too much has happened, without finding a solution to anything that did happen.

Final ThoughtsThe Wild Man is an overly chaotic found-footage movie.

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