The Scottish Play (2020) Movie Review

The Scottish Play – Movie Review

Scottish Play

Director: Keith Boynton

Writer: Keith Boynton (Screenplay)


Plot: A successful actress accepts the role of Lady Macbeth at a small New England theatre, where she begins a flirtation with her charmingly awkward young director, and finds herself haunted by the ghost of William Shakespeare – who’s keen to do some rewrites.

Runtime: 1 Hour 53 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Scottish Play starts when successful actress Sydney (Benk) joins a small version of Macbeth. She gets to know the director, hoping to get back to her roots away from the massive spotlights.

As the play starts being put together, Sydney gets a visit from a mysterious man. The man Will (Brill) claims to be Shakespeare himself, coming to give her a new vision of Macbeth. Leading her to speak to the director Adam (Kendall) about changing the vision of the play.

Verdict on The Scottish Play

The Scottish Play is a drama that follows the production of a Macbeth performance. Taking one of the leading stars of the production down a path where she meets William Shakespeare to be given a new vision for the play. One that she must convince the director to give a chance.

Macbeth has been told many times before, a play with mythology around it too. It has always been a mysterious play and with a fresh approach to the idea, we go down an interesting path. This gives us an original idea of the mystery around the play, even if it is shown at a slower pace than it could have been. There is plenty of potential from meeting an author of an original play and how their vision has changed over the years. The performances in the movie are strong, with Tina Benko and Will Brill playing out the conversation between the two throughout the film.

Final ThoughtsThe Scottish Play is an interesting twist on the traditional play in question.

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