The Pay Day (2022) Movie Review

The Pay Day – Movie Review

Pay Day

Director: Sam Bradford

Writer: Sam Benjamin, Kyla Frye (Screenplay)


  • Kyla Frye (Edge of Tomorrow)
  • Simon Callow
  • Rae Lim
  • Ellen Thomas
  • Sam Benjamin
  • Marcus Onilude

Plot: A broke and frustrated IT technician decides to embark on a one-woman heist to steal valuable data worth millions on the black market.

Runtime: 1 Hour 32 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Pay Day starts when computer programmer Jennifer (Frye) loses her job. She gets her revenge on the company with her skills. Meanwhile, Gates (Callow) learns of her skills and wants to use them for his own advantage, offering Jennifer a heist job.

With an offer Jennifer can’t refuse, she takes the job, one that sees her meet George (Benjamin). He is a fellow thief looking to complete the same job and the pair must put their differences aside to make it out without getting caught.

Verdict on The Pay Day


Jennifer is a brilliant computer tech, she is the best where she works until her boss believes she isn’t needed anymore. She is given an offer from a criminal to steal information using her tech skills. This leaves her with a decision that could change her future. She isn’t experienced with the hands-on approach but taking a chance on her skills could help get her the money she needs for her family.

Gates is the criminal that turns to Jennifer to complete this job for him. It gives her the flawless plan that her skills work perfectly. He expects the job done and has arranged for everything to be done without any problems.

George is the hiccup that Jennifer finds in the middle of the job. He clashes with Jennifer as the two see sparks fly between them, as he joins in the games to get the job done. George is filled with charm making it almost impossible for anyone not to get along with him.


Kyla Frye is the lead and co-writer of the movie. She brings us a confident woman that has been beaten down by life. Kyla makes this character one we want to see succeed and shows excellent chemistry with Sam Benjamin. Sam Benjamin is the other writer, and his performance is shown with his confident performance too.


The story follows a down-on-her-luck computer tech that gets hired for a heist. This heist would give her enough money to never need to work again but it doesn’t go as smoothly as she originally planned.

The story gives us a fun heist movie, with a character that isn’t on the criminal side of things needing to think on their feet. It shows that somebody could be pushed toward a criminal job if they struggle with certain things in their life. The battle between the two criminals gets very interesting as we never know who is truly in control of the situation. This doesn’t get as slick as certain heist movies, although it plays more into a romantic comedy than anything else.

Final Thoughts The Pay Day is a fun heist movie with a great screen pairing.

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