The Matchmaker (2023) Movie Review

The Matchmaker – Movie Review


Director: Abdulmohsen Aldhabaan


  • Husam AlHarthi
  • Reem AlHabib
  • Nour Alkhadra
  • Rahaf Ibrahim
  • Jubran Al Jubran

Plot: When an office worker becomes powerfully infatuated with his beautiful intern, he follows her to a desert resort overrun with bizarre forces.

Runtime: 1 Hour 21 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Matchmaker starts when office worker Tarek is finding his home life difficult with his wife Reema and daughter. He gets drawn to a beautiful intern and after she quits, he finds a mysterious package on his desk. The package shows him a beautiful desert resort, a place he ends up deciding to visit.

Once Tarek arrives at the resort, he gets greeted with the rules the resort operates under. Meanwhile, he finds out he can’t communicate with the outside world, as he learns more about the strange methods operating here.

Verdict on The Matchmaker

The Matchmaker is a mystery thriller that could easily have found inspiration from M Night Shyamalan. It follows a bored officer worker that gets obsessed with an intern at work before getting an invitation to visit a desert resort. A place that could make his dreams come true. However, not everything is what it seems and he faces the consequences of his decision.

This is a great mystery that keeps us guessing the deeper meaning of what is happening. It shows that people can be drawn by temptation that leads to them making mistakes. However, using an ancient legend that shows that this has been happening for years. People are drawn to a world they can’t explain. This is a very interesting idea and one we could easily learn more stories of terror from.

Where to Watch: The Matchmaker is available on Netflix now.

Final Thoughts The Matchmaker challenges M. Night Shyamalan for an odd and mysterious film contender.

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