The Marriage App (2022) Movie Review

The Marriage App – Movie Review

Marriage App

Director: Sebastian De Caro

Writer: Gabriel Korenfeld, Rocio Blanco (Screenplay)


  • Luisana Lopilato
  • Cristina Castano
  • Juan Minujin
  • Aaron Miglio

Plot: A couple is going through a crisis. They decide to use an app that gives or subtracts points for every good deed they do for each other. This seems to be the solution, until the obsession with accumulating points spirals out of control.

Runtime: 1 Hour 41 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Marriage App starts as we meet couple Belen (Lopilato) and Fede (Minujin). They meet in unusual circumstances and end up getting married and having a family. However, years of marriage have started to take their toll on them.

The couple gets suggested an app that helps them clock up miles for kind deeds in their marriage. This starts to see a major improvement in their marriage. However, when Fede’s secret trip comes to light, the pair start getting more competitive about winning the most miles and having a solo trip first.

Verdict on The Marriage App

The Marriage App is a romantic comedy that follows a married couple having a few struggles over recent years. It sees them trying a new app that can give them benefit points for good deeds. This sees them getting competitive and seeing the sparks fly in their marriage.

The movie gets to poke fun at how far people will go to try and fix their marriage. It shows that people can let things be controlled by outside forces and the idea of simple communication could be a smarter answer. Certain things see things spiral out of control, but the pair realize what is important between them. The performances from Luisana Lopilato and Juan Minujin are great fun, showing strong chemistry throughout.

Where to Watch: The Marriage App is available on Netflix now.

Final Thoughts The Marriage App is a fun romantic comedy.

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