The Marine 3: Homefront (2013)


Director: Scott Viper

Writer: Scott Viper, Declan O’Brien (Screenplay)

Starring: Mike Mizanin, Neal McDonough, Ashley Bell, Camille Sullivan, Michael Eklund, Jeffrey Ballard, Darren Shahlavi, Jared Keeso


Story: Sgt. Jake Carter (Mizanin) returns home after his active duty. Jake comes home to see some changes to the small town he grew up in, with his two sisters Amanda (Sullivan) and Lilly (Bell) waiting for him. While some things have changed Jake still wants to protect his loved ones, but his overprotection only drives his younger sister Lilly further away.

Everything seems to be running smoothly in the town until terrorist Jonah Pope (McDonough) and his men turn up in town. After Lilly witnesses Jonah execute a man, Lilly and her boyfriend Darren (Ballard) is kidnapped By Jonah. With the FBI hot on Jonah tail Jake goes against them in Rambo style mission to save his sister before it is too late.


Lilly after being kidnapped
Lilly after being kidnapped

Verdict: Mike ‘The Miz’ Mizanin steps into the shoes of the Marine previously played by John Cena and Ted Dibiase. The Marine Homefront returns to a more central location and personal scenario. The tempo of this film is huge plus point with the comfortable slow feeling for the Carter family reunion but once the action starts it just doesn’t stop. It may follow a few clichés but they all work to its advantage of not needing to spend too much time on the character development. With a few twists and turns you expect to have in a Marine film this doesn’t fail to deliver them.

Action: Strong action that never lets you take a breath. (9/10)

Thriller: An edge of the seat ride. (9/10)

Settings: Small town in America good setting without having to use too much to make the battleground easy to set out. (8/10)

Suggestion: If you can get past the fact a wrestler is the lead you will enjoy this film, a very back to basic action film of an all American hero saving his family and country. So if you like a simple to follow action film this is one for you to see. (8/10)

Star Performance: Neal McDonough – Always brilliant in a role of cold calculated villain, this role showed his motive to question how evil he is or is he just pushing for change too hard.  jonah

Favourite Character: Jake Carter – Strong minded, ruthless and kick ass would be best to describe Jake. 

 the miz

Best Part: Some of the fight scenes.

Worst Part: Bit short really.

Trivia: Randy Orton was cast as the Marine but after it emerged about his questionable time as a Marine The Miz was cast instead.

Similar Too: The Marine, 12 Rounds

Overall: An adrenaline action film with plenty of guns, fights and awesomeness

Rating 85%

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