The Guilt Trip (2012)

logoDirector: Anne Fletcher

Writer: Dan Fogelman (Screenplay)

Starring: Barbra Streisand, Seth Rogen, Kathy Najimy, Yvonne Strahovski, Colin Hanks, Brett Cullen


Story: Andy Brewster (Rogen) is an inventor, he has created a cleaning product which is safe if consumed by accident as well as being environmentally friendly. Andy now has to sell his product to all the major retail outlets, which means he is going on a road trip. Before he goes on his road trip he has to stop of at his mother’s house. Joyce Brewster (Streisand) is an over caring single parent who along with her girlfriends doesn’t take many chances. Andy hates to let his mum down, but as he knows he isn’t being overly successful on his selling, he lies to her about how things are going. After finding out about a long lost love of his mum’s he tries to locate him, partially to help himself knowing he is in sales business. Andy invites his mum along on his cross country road trip and you can tell from the first minute that this will test their relationship.


The start of the road trip
The start of the road trip

Verdict: A road trip film that has some heart, laughs and almost some tears.

Story: I enjoyed the story told in this film, I especially enjoyed the relationship between Andy and Joyce because it shows you that both people will hide something from their parents or children. Both also learn that whatever is going on in their lives the other one will support them. The road trip itself was a bit generic with everything you expect to see on the trip, but as an Englishman I enjoy watching anything that shows a trip across another country. (9/10)


Actor Review: Barbra Streisand – fitting in to the odd couple role with her son. Joyce has some interesting quirks like wanting to listen to a sex book on the road trip, but also has her vulnerable side, which she doesn’t let show as much as is needed. Barbra does a good job in the end Star Performance Award (9/10)


Actor Review: Seth Rogen – We are all used to seeing Seth in a loud drugged up comedy, this is a welcome detour from those. Seth shows some good emotional displays and keeps everything bottled up like every son can do with their mother. Even though he is meant to be playing a role in a cleaner comedy you can see he itching to get to his more mature content. (7/10)


Director Review:  Anne Fletcher – with only three previous films to her name you can see that comedy is her thing. Following up from The Proposal you can see the similar level of comedy in this, targeting the whole range of audience (8/10)


Comedy: Light hearted comedy, with some over the top laughs in the end credits scene. (7/10)

Music: good soundtrack that fits all the scenes well (8/10)

Settings: A road trip across American is a very good setting for a comedy gives the film a chance to experience a full range of weather and scenery. (9/10)

Suggestion: I feel this one will appeal to the casual film audience, people that will like to go home with a warm feeling inside. The film will leave you with a smile on your face which is good but you will also feel sad in parts. Don’t expect full blown rolling on the floor laughs or Seth Rogen to be anything that you have seen before, if you are expecting these two things you won’t enjoy the film. I suggest this because it is a film that puts a smile on your face as well as putting you in a position you can relate to, what more could you ask for? (8/10)


Best Part: An awkward moment when Andy’s mum is with him in a sales pitch and the guy is more interested in something she has bought to the table.

Worst Part: bit to generic

Similar Too: Due Date, Away We Go


Overall: A warm light hearted comedy

Rating 82%

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