The Main Movies to Watch in 2022

The Main Movies to Watch in 2022

2022 is full of new movie releases. That’s why it’s hard to pick the right one to watch and leave some time for a website where you could try roulette wheel online or go for a workout. Cannot find a new movie for this evening? Then choose one of these ones.

Everything Everywhere All at Once

Evelyn, the laundry owner, lives in an unhappy marriage, struggles to communicate with her teenage daughter, and still can’t pay her taxes. One day, on the way to the taxman’s office, her husband Waymond suddenly changes his face and says something unbelievable. He claims that Evelyn is just one of many versions of herself in countless parallel universes. And that it is up to her to stop some evil that seeks to destroy all worlds. To do this, Evelyn must learn to communicate with other versions of herself and use their skills to fight the enemy.

The movie is built on contrasts. Hilariously silly scenes are juxtaposed with a poignant story about finding yourself in a “meaningless world.” It’s a kung fu action movie – but with melodrama in the vein of Wong Karwai. 

Red Rocket

Former porn actor Mickey shamefully returns to his hometown with empty pockets. A disgruntled mother-in-law and his wife, whom he left years ago, are waiting for him there. Mickey tries to start his life over, but falls in love with a high school girl and plots another escape.

Single-story shacks, dirty streets, non-Hollywood faces of the locals – Sean Baker captures the unfamiliar and charming look of poor America. In this world, you want to stay longer and meet all the wacky residents of the town. The guide through the universe of “white trash” is Mickey – a modern-day Mephistopheles. Except that he, on the contrary, seeks the good, but is always committing evil.


India, 1920. Officer Rama serves the British and seeks out a rebel named Bhim. A friendship develops between the men by chance, and they find themselves faced with a difficult choice: fight against each other or unite in a war against the British invaders.

RRR may well become for Indian cinema what “Parasites” has become for South Korean cinema. On the one hand, the movie fits into the stereotypes of national cinematography: there is a lot of singing, breaking the laws of physics and fiery dancing. But at the same time, RRR has a well-written story about a conflict of worldviews. And the choreography and inventiveness of the battle scenes would be the envy of any modern blockbuster.


The main character Noah has been dating the charming bachelor Steve for a few weeks now. He is witty, handsome and extremely caring, so the girl agrees without hesitation to spend the weekend with him in the country house. Noa doesn’t know yet that her boyfriend is an ogre.

Fresh bumps into several genres at once: a touching melodrama, a horror about cannibals, a black romantic comedy and even a feminist revenge thriller. First and foremost, it’s an unusual and stylish statement about sexism and codependent relationships. Director Mimi Cave is not afraid to be ironic about the subject and to shock audiences with wild scenes of violence.


A porn film crew arrives at a ranch in the middle of nowhere. There they are hunted by an elderly couple.

X is shot and staged like a 1970s horror movie: crackling film, naive dialogue and an unbelievable level of violence by today’s standards.

Director Ty West flirted with retromans in his debut feature “House of the Devil,” but the new picture comes out more mature and understandable. On the one hand, we are faced with the usual nostalgic slasher. On the other hand, it’s a jeweler’s work that blends “low” culture with the fashionable techniques of the hipster studio “A24”.

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