The Long Way Back (2020) Movie Review

Director: E.B. Hughes

Writer: E.B. Hughes (Screenplay)

Starring: Mark Borkowski, Denny Dale Bess, Patrick T McGowan, Don Striano, Reyna Kahan, Ron Rey

Plot: A down on his luck ex-con, returns to New York where he must face the harsh reality of everyday life, and the people who haunt him from his past.

Runtime: 1 Hour 11 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Long Way Back starts when Max (Bess) is released from prison, looking to get back on his feet with his friend Ziggy (Striano) setting him up with an apartment, as he starts the hunt for a job. Max meets his neighbour Sara (Kahan) who is the only person not in the negative world on the apartment, while his former boss Lucius Jones (Borkowski) is hunting him down to reclaim his money he believes he is owed.

As Max spends more time on the outside, he will see his old temptation return as not everything is running a smoothly, but it will give him a chance to finally put his demons behind him.

Thoughts on The Long Way Back

ThoughtsThe Long Way Back is a crime drama showing how an ex-con could be left in a position of not being given much of a chance to start a fresh by people and will start to get circled by the criminal friends that let him down before. It will show that once the right person comes into your life, you can start to put yourself on the right path, no matter how many people try to stop you. The acting in this film is solid with the cast bringing their own traits to their characters, with the world we enter being filled with a hopeless about what the future has, showing the darker side of New York.

Final Thoughts The Long Way Back is a gritty crime drama about finding redemption.

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  1. EB Hughes Health film extraordinaire. Nothing new same old plot directing and screenplay. Absolute boredom

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