The Lone Wolf (2021) Short Movie Review

The Lone Wolf – Movie Review

Lone Wolf

Director: Filipe Melo

Writer: Filipe Melo (Screenplay)


  • Adriano Luz
  • Maria Joao Pinho
  • Antonio Fonseca
  • Ana Cloe
  • Marcia Breia

Plot: One night on Viva FM’s late-night show, host Vitor Lobo gets a phone call from an old friend.

Runtime: 23 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Lone Wolf starts when late-night radio host Vitor Lobo (Luz) prepares for his midnight chat show. He has regular callers he supports through their problems. However, tonight he receives a call from an old friend Raul. Raul wants to catch up with his old friend, leading to a series of uncomfortable discussions between the two.

Verdict on The Lone Wolf

The Lone Wolf is a short movie that utilizes the radio talk show host setting perfectly. Putting a celebrity figure in both lights, the hero to his callers and the villain to another story. It feels like we are watching a trial without a judge or jury. As we are never sure what is true in the discussion that goes on.

The intensity is there throughout, as we are left wondering what the caller will do next. It keeps us wanting to listen to more of their discussion and being left wanting even more.

Final Thoughts The Lone Wolf is an intense short movie that makes you want more.

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