The Last Rite (2021) Movie Review

The Last Rite – Frightening Horror


Director: Leroy Kincaide

Writer: Leroy Kincaide (Screenplay)

Starring: Bethan Waller, Johnny Fleming, Kit Smith, Tara Hoyor-Martinez, Ian Macnaughton, Deborah Blake, David Kerr

Plot: A medical student suffering from sleep paralysis finds herself plagued by a demonic entity, after moving in with her boyfriend.

Tagline – Don’t let him in

Runtime: 1 Hour 47 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Last Rite starts as Lucy (Waller) is starting to struggle to settle in with her boyfriend Ben (Fleming) in his home. Lucy starts to believe there is a shadowy figure lurking around the home, starting to become paranoid about the demonic entity.

AS Lucy turns to Father Roberts (Smith) for help, she finds herself being possessed by the hat wearing demon, needing help to escape this living nightmare she finds herself going through.

Thoughts on The Last Rite

Characters & Performances – Lucy is the woman that finds her new home with her boyfriend, seeing her getting stalked by an unknown figure, giving her a constant feeling of unease. She gets the warnings about not letting the figure in, but finds herself letting it in, dealing with sleep paralysis and worse, as the demon attaches itself to her. Bethan Waller will give us a strong possession based performance, needing to bring the uncertainty of her new home, the emotional impact of the uneasy feeling she is going through, as well as the pure fear she goes through to the table. Ben is the boyfriend that has owned the house for a while and never experienced anything, he has a successful career, which will see him working a lot, not believing the stories Lucy is telling, until he sees it with his own eyes. Johnny Fleming isn’t the most convincing in this role, not showing the panic through the scare sequences in the film. Father Roberts is the man that looks to solve the problems that Lucy is going through, he has seen things like this before and is the best option for Lucy to make it out.

StoryThe story here follows a young woman that finds herself getting stalked before getting caught up in a possession, which will see her needing to turn to the church to save her soul. This is a story that will do something different, with the idea one person moving into a ready built home dealing with a stalker figure and possession, whereas most we see, are a family dealing with events. The way the story unfolds, is interesting, but once we hit the possession time, there doesn’t seem to be too much more to come out of how the event happens. This will get everything you want from a horror story, even if it will just come along and be like most we have seen before.

ThemesThe Last Rite is a horror thriller that will mix the idea of being stalked and possession, with the idea demonic figure haunting a new woman in a home, that hasn’t had any history before. We will have creepy scenes, that will create the unease Lucy goes through during the stalking moments, but when it comes to the possession side, it is what we have seen before.

Final Thoughts The Last Rite is a horror filled with scares & unease feelings through the creepy stalking moments.

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