The Irish Mob (2023) Movie Review


The Irish Mob – Movie Review

Director: Patrick McKnight

Writer: Patrick McKnight (Screenplay)


Plot: The Irish Mob tells the story of crime boss Val Fagan and the dark world of gangland Dublin, he leads a violent bloody and ruthless gang who are the main target of Garda detectives after an audacious cash depot robbery.

Runtime: 1 Hour 20 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Irish Mob starts as we meet the Godfather of Dublin Valentino ‘Val’ Fagan (McCarthy). He runs the streets with his trusted second Alan Reynolds (Griffin). Meanwhile, Detective Liz Delahunt (O’Driscoll) is leading an investigation into Fagan, but never having enough to capture him.

Val is facing a new problem when his main supplier has their shipment seized. He is asked to provide one million Euros to help with a new supplier. Val must raise the money and keep the cops away from him to keep his loved ones safe.

Verdict on The Irish Mob

The Irish Mob is a gangster crime drama following a ruthless Irish drug lord. He has all the power in Dublin but with the cop breathing down his neck and his supplier requesting help. Val finds his empire on the verge of crumbling and becomes desperate to save everything he has.

This gives us an unlikeable gangster in the leading role. One that believes violence, threats and murder control his life. The movie fails to make the cops feel invested in what is going on. This is a strange movie because the gangsters are not interesting, and the police come off like pests rather than trying to stop violent criminals.

The performances are good as they make us hate the characters we are following. This is a shorter movie, which gets to work well at bringing together a bigger twist in the story being told. However, it doesn’t offer anything fresh to the bigger picture or genre.

Where to Watch: The Irish Mob, arriving on UK digital on 13 March.

Final ThoughtsThe Irish Mob is a by-the-book gangster movie.

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