The Headmistress (2023) Movie Review

The Headmistress – Movie Review


Director: Christopher A Micklos, Jay Sapiro

Writer: Christopher A Micklos (Screenplay)


Plot: When a debt-ridden teacher inherits an abandoned lakefront inn, she and a group of potential buyers visit the property, where they discover a dark, sinister secret and a malignant supernatural presence determined to keep them there forever.

Runtime: 1 Hour 29 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Headmistress starts when Mara (Bellantone) inherits a lakefront inn. She is looking to sell the property and brings a group of investors to have a look at the building. Ani (Skye), Pete (Carr), Donovan (McCarthy), Nikki (Kosmatka) and Dex (O’Harrow) look to help Mara clear her debts by selling the inn.

However, once they arrive at the inn, strange things start to happen. The past of the inn starts to come out and the haunting malignant presence makes itself known. It becomes a race to figure out what the presence wants and figure out how to escape.

Verdict on The Headmistress

The Headmistress is a horror mystery following a group of investors joining a debt-ridden woman trying to sell a recently inherited property. However, the property has a dark past and has come back to life seeing potential new victims for the taking.

In this movie, we get to use the location to create the isolation needed. Throw in the horrific back story in the history of the property and we get a horror movie that is ready to make us scared. From the first moment when one of the visitors has an encounter to the last moment. Each scare feels like it has come from a natural environment, with a sudden change in atmosphere. This creates us with a host of genuine great scares from simple creations.

We get one of the best uses of location and genuine scares for a movie in this one. The performances are great, with the desperation of clearing debts coming through in Kathrine Bellantone’s performance. While the rest show us the different mindsets of an investor.

Where to Watch: The Headmistress is available to watch now at the following location HERE.

Final Thoughts The Headmistress is a great horror, filled with terrifying scares throughout.

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