The Gods 2: The Dark Side (2023) Movie Review


The Gods 2: The Dark Side – Movie Review

Director: Mykel Shannon Jenkins

Writer: Mykel Shannon Jenkins (Screenplay)


Plot: Following ‘The Gods’, Mikey James comes back from hiding to pay old debts, only to be fighting for survival against his old enemy Anthony Fasano, awaiting his return.

Runtime: 2 Hours 4 Minutes        

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Gods 2: The Dark Side starts as the James brothers, Mikey (Jenkins), Keith (Banks), Bobby (Alexander) and their crew come out of hiding. They look to rebuild the bridges with an old enemy Anthony Fasano (Interdonato). However, to return they must pay a debt.

This doesn’t see everything go to plan, as the old enemies end up finding themselves dealing with other problems. Can they clean up the mess they created and return to a normal life before it is too late?

Verdict on The Gods 2: The Dark Side

The Gods 2: The Dark Side is an action crime thriller sequel. It follows three brothers looking to return to their former life after being forced into hiding. They must work with an old enemy until they find themselves getting caught up in a new war between gangs.

This does fall into the same path as many of the gangs against each other movies. It looks to continue building the battle between the two gangs, a battle that had previously ended. Now seeing the two sides trying to smooth things over only leads to more problems and more bodies being left behind. There is very little we haven’t seen before and the length of the movie overplays certain scenes in the movie.

Final ThoughtsThe Gods 2: The Dark Side is a by-the-book gangster sequel.

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