The Ghost and the Tout Too (2022) Movie Review

The Ghost and the Tout Too – Movie Review

The Ghost and the Tout Too

Director: Michael Akinrogunde (Films)

Writer: Uyoyou Adia, Yusuf Carew, Akay Ilozobhie (Screenplay)


  • Toyin Abraham
  • Osas Ighodaro
  • Mercy Johnson Okojie
  • Alexander Abolore
  • Lateef Adedimeji

Plot: A woman who can reluctantly communicate with ghosts tries to help the spirit of a woman whose body is in a coma, leaving her trapped between life and death.

Runtime: 1 Hour 48 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Ghost and the Tout Too starts when Isla (Abraham) sees her powers becoming too difficult. Her ability to communicate with ghosts has always been seen as a joke around her city and even her best friend Maka-Why (Okojie) looks down on it. This is until Maka-Why learns they can make money from it.

As the pair start making money from this new adventure, they learn the downside too. This changes when Amoke (Ighodaro) visits Isla, asking her to help discover how she ended up in a coma. Taking this job puts Isla in a difficult situation of being willing to do the right thing or make money.

Verdict on The Ghost and the Tout Too


Isla is the woman that can communicate with ghosts, she tends to keep that quiet from the rest of her friends. When her friend finds out, they use it as a chance to make money, something she is happy to play along with. As the cases become more serious, she starts to want to use her gift for the better, as she looks to help a woman in a coma. She is a character that people look at as a crazy person because she is often seen talking to herself.

Amoke is the woman that is in a coma, she turns to Isla as the only one that can see her spirit walking the streets. She wants help to uncover who put her in a coma, with her decision being the reason for Isla starting to change her ways. Amoke is from a different world one Isla could only dream of coming from.

Maka-Why is Isla’s best friend, they always work together and overcome the problems they are facing. She sees this new discovery as a chance to make money. Playing along with the con they set up until Isla starts seeing things differently.


Toyin Abraham is a lot of fun in the leading role, she brings enough comedy and serious balance to the role. Osas Ighodaro as the ghost visiting brings a character the pair aren’t used to working with. Mercy Johnson Okojie has most of the comedy, with her performance that often puts the pair in more trouble.


The story follows a woman that can communicate with ghosts and along with her best friend, they start a business. While it starts as more of a con to get money, turns into a private investigator side of things when they are visited by a spirit between worlds.

There is an easy comparison to Peter Jackson’s ‘The Frighteners’ here, with the person who can see ghosts taking advantage of people for their own gain. This changes when things get personal and we see how the gift can be used for good. It will play out like an investigation story, as the three must work together to solve the crime.

This is a good story, one you can have a lot of fun with. It will use Nigerian culture to question certain parts of what Isla is doing, which helps add a different perspective to what is going on.


The Ghost and the Tout Too is a comedy fantasy movie. There are plenty of laughs between the characters and the reactions to everything that is going on. The fantasy side of the film comes from the ghosts Visiting Isla and how she needs to figure out how to help them. Having a mystery involved helps because each ghost has a different reason for seeing Isla.

Where to Watch: The Ghost and the Tout Too is on Netflix now.

Final ThoughtsThe Ghost and the Tout Too is a fun fantasy comedy.

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