Letterbox Breakdown – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Letterbox Breakdown – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Letterbox Breakdown – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Studying through the stats on Letterbox, it becomes fascinating to see who has become the most-watched star and whether they should be number one. I am going to be looking through the roles and see if the numbers add up to different roles and importance within the film. Exploring to see who has the most leading roles, supporting roles or just random cameos. Without further ado, let’s explore.

Arnold Schwarzenegger – 41 Films

Current Rank – 20th New Entry

Different Roles

First, I will look at the number of different roles the actor has portrayed.

Number of different roles – 32

Roles in more than one film – 4

  • T-800 – Terminator
  • Himself – Documentaries and Dave
  • Trench – Expendables
  • Conan – Conan
Letterbox Breakdown – Arnold Schwarzenegger Roles In Film

Second, I will explore the position in the film the star portrayed.

Leading Roles – 19

Arnold became the biggest name in action movie history because of many of these roles. He managed to turn the over-the-top action star on different levels. One that was bigger than most people could imagine. There is a reason why he has been on top of the world for so long. He made himself an icon.

Letterbox Breakdown – Arnold Schwarzenegger
Co-Lead – 9
Letterbox Breakdown – Arnold Schwarzenegger

In the co-lead performances, I have placed the Terminator franchise because he has played both sides of the story. He is the most important part of keeping the franchise going even if his model has changed through the years. In these roles, he often got to let loose in comedic roles that showed a different level to what people expected from him.

  • Kalidor – Red Sonja – Brigitte Nielsen
  • T-800 – Terminator Movies – Linda Hamilton, Emilia Clarke and Nick Stahl
  • Julius Benedict – Twins – Danny DeVito
  • Dr Alex Hesse – Junior – Danny DeVito & Emma Thompson
  • Ivan Danko – Red Heat – Jim Belushi
Supporting Roles – 2

Arnold is an actor who very rarely took supporting roles, even some of his cameos might be considered supporting roles and he still received top billings for the two I have selected.

  • Rottmayer – Escape Plan
  • Mr Freeze – Batman and Robin
Cameos – 11
Letterbox Breakdown – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Over his career, Arnold has become one of the biggest household names in the industry. This has given him a chance to have a lot of fun, with cameo roles in his early career. More recently his action star legacy has led to him being able to appear in movies that are searching for a shocking appearance. Being an icon will always lead this open for Arnold to make appearances and get people talking.

The Missing Roles

This is a list of the biggest movies I haven’t yet seen from Arnold Schwarzenegger. Unlike many actors I will be looking at, Arnold is an actor I have seen in nearly every single one of his major movies.

  • Pumping Iron
  • Hercules in New York
  • The Long Goodbye

The date the stats were looked at – 21st July 2022

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