The Fall of Queens (2021) Movie Review

The Fall of the Queens is a nice coming of age tale.

Director: Lucas Nazareno Turturro

Writer: Constanza Bouquet, Mauro Guevara (Screenplay)

Starring: Malena Filmus, Lola Abraldes, Franco Rizzaro, Umbra Colombo, Giovanni Ciccia, Miguel Davalos

Plot: Two teenage sisters live in an isolated country house with their aunt and they work in the production of honey. When a cousin bursts into their lives, the perfect symbiosis that is their relationship will be endangered. While Mara starts a relationship with him, Juana becomes more obsessed with her sister. The need to destroy whatever gets in her way grows. The hive is preparing for the arrival of a new queen bee.

Runtime: 1 Hour 23 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Fall of the Queens starts as we meet the two sister Juana (Filmus) and Mara (Abraldes). Who have been living in an isolated committing with their aunt Ines (Colombo). Where the pair help produce honey. When their cousin Lucio (Rizzaro) joins them. The sisters that to see a difference between them, when Mara starts to spend time with Lucio and Juana won’t let her sister move away from them.

Thoughts on The Fall of the Queens

The Fall of the Queens is a drama that will follow two sisters that will start to drift apart when their cousin comes into their lives. This will show how life can change with the people closest to you suddenly and you will need to learn to accept the changes in life.

This will bring a nice coming of age tale to life, without needing to get too deep into everything. The performances are strong by the cast and by the end you will understand the changes the characters go through.

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