The Castle (2022) Movie Review

The Castle – Movie Review


Director: Arish Sirkissoon

Writer: Arish Sirkissoon (Screenplay)


  • Rio Notra Segal
  • Arish Sirkissoon
  • Dr Raj Singh
  • Sibongiseni Shezi

Plot: On their wedding day Michael and Catherine break down in the middle of nowhere. They walk for several kilometres when they discover an old castle. Against her better judgement, Catherine is convinced by Michael to spend the night. Once she enters the castle she feels like something is watching her. What she discovers in the castle will change her life forever. Will she leave this place alive?

Runtime: 1 Hour 18 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Castle starts when a group of friends Alicia (Sibongiseni), Kim (Parekh) and Mark (Moodley) as they look to set up camp overnight when they find themselves getting picked off by a mysterious killer. Meanwhile, Catherine (Notra) and Michael (Sirkissoon) get married before looking to start their lives together.

On their way to their honeymoon, the newlywed’s break down and turn to a nearby castle for refuge. It doesn’t take long before they make themselves at home, only to discover a killer walking the halls.

Verdict on The Castle

The Castle is a horror movie following a newlywed couple that finds themselves trapped in a mysterious castle. Here they find themselves being hunted down by a masked killer that has bigger plans for them.

This movie offers up an interesting concept and uses the location to add great mystery. Unfortunately, the thinly written characters give us nothing to go on. Catherine in the leading role has a bad relationship with her mother. Only not enough is used to build on this. It dives into the battle against the killer too quickly never letting anything breathe, leaving us watching events play out. Rather than building up the suspense or mystery about what is going on.

Even though I feel the characters aren’t written that strongly. I did find the truth within the castle to be interesting and would have loved to dive deeper into what goes on in that process.

Final Thoughts The Castle has such an interesting idea, only for it to lack the suspense it truly deserved.

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