The Bottom Dweller (2022) Movie Review


The Bottom Dweller – Movie Review

Director: Peter Algiers

Writer: Peter Algiers (Screenplay)


  • Anthony Algiers
  • Brianna Algiers
  • Peter Algiers
  • Netta Cate
  • Hans Sardo

Plot: A married couple accidentally receives a large refund check from the IRS. After cashing the check, they travel with a suitcase full of money, paranoid that the government may be tracking them down to get their money back. While on the run, their relationship is put to the test as they go to some interesting places, and run into some interesting characters.

Runtime: 53 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Bottom Dweller starts when a married couple Patricia (Brianna Algiers) and Cameron (Peter Algiers) get an unexpected check in the mail. They mistakenly get half a million dollars from the IRS. This leads them to try and figure out what to do next as Cameron cashes in the check.

However, paranoia starts to set in as the pair believes the IRS will come for them. They decide to travel around town with the bag of money trying to figure out what to do next.

Verdict on The Bottom Dweller

The Bottom Dweller is a comedy following a couple that gets an unexpected check in the post. They decide to spend the money which leads to them going through a series of comical events.

This is a comedy that puts the question out there, ‘what would you do with an expected large amount of money’? It places the discussion about what to do with the money or whether to treat yourself. This does see the couple getting into funny situations along the way. The movie is told in a fun way and we get to laugh along with the events of the movie.

Where to Watch: The Botton Dweller is available on Tubi.

Final Thoughts The Bottom Dweller is a fun comedy.

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