The Bloody Man (2020) Movie Review ‘Family FIghting Slasher’

The Bloody Man – Family Fighting Slasher

The Bloody Man Poster

Director: Daniel Benedict

Writer: Daniel Benedict, Casi Clark (Screenplay)

Starring: Tuesday Knight, Lisa Wilcox, Mercedez Varble, Dan Eardley, Jason Crowe, Roni Jonah, KateLynn E Newberry, David Daniel

Plot: In the 1980s, and after the death of his mother, Sam is struggling with family, friends, school, and the most evil being he can imagine – The Bloody Man, who is unknowingly summoned and will stop at nothing to destroy everything Sam holds dear.

Runtime: 2 Hours 13 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Bloody Man starts as Sam (Daniel) is struggle with his family, friend and school life. After his mother Laurie’s (Wilcox) death, not getting on with his new stepmother Kim (Knight). Turning to a dark comic book The Bloody Man for an escape.

When Sam’s dad goes away for work, he is left with his older brother Michael (Hadden) and little sister Amy. They start seeing a change in Kim, leading him to believe that he has summoned the Bloody Man to take everything he holds dear.

Thoughts on The Bloody Man

Characters & Performances

Sam is the middle child that is struggling with the death of his mother, family problems and school troubles. He escapes into his comic books where he will see himself accidently summon the Bloody Man. Needing to help his siblings no matter what they feel towards him.

The Bloody Man is the comic book character from legend, he will come into this world, targeting Sam and his siblings. The tricks he can play will see the siblings needing to figure out who is real or not.

Michael is the older brother that is used to picking on his young brother, wanting to sneak out. Not listening to the stories his siblings tell. Kim is the new step mum that Sam doesn’t like to start with, he will need to learn to accept her. If he is ever going to move on with his life. The performances in the film are strong, with the young cast getting plenty of time to shine. While using the Nightmare on Elm Street stars as the draw.


The story here will follow a middle child that is struggling with his own problems. Before needing to fight back the Bloody Man after he accidently summons it. Needing to learn that his family is the most important part of his healing process.

This story does have plenty of meaning behind what is going on for Sam, needing to accept the grief in his life. The idea the Bloody Man coming from a comic book, bringing the scary stories to life works well. The biggest problem with The Bloody Man, is the length of the movie. The same story could be told in a much short length of time. It takes too long to get into the mystery.

ThemesThe Bloody Man is a horror thriller that brings together a family to fight back against a horror figure that has come to life. Looking to come after their family. We have some great effects, with the reveal of the Bloody Man, being the standout. We have creepy moments that uses the distant relationship created by Sam towards his family.

Final ThoughtsThe Bloody Man is an overly long fun family fighting horror.

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