The Assistant (2022) Movie Review

The Assistant – Movie Review

The Assistant Poster

Director: Adrian Teh

Writer: Chi-Ren Choong, Adrian Teh (Screenplay)


  • Iedil Dzuhrie Alaudin
  • Hairul Azreen
  • Kin Wah Chew
  • Coby Chong
  • Tony Eusoff

Plot: Zafik is unjustly imprisoned and is not pleased about it. When he is released, he gets the help of the unhinged Feroz to get revenge.

Runtime: 2 Horus 4 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: The Assistant starts as Zafik (Alaudin) gets released from prison, after getting locked up for a planted offence. His family have been killed while he was locked away and the unhinged Feroz (Azreen) offers to help him locate the killers.

As Zafik finds himself getting in deeper with Feroz, he starts learning how the crime world operates. This puts him in a difficult position of wanting to truth and being violent for the sake of it.

Verdict on The Assistant

The Assistant is an action thriller that dives into the Malaysian criminal underworld. It brings us a typical revenge arc for a man that lost his family and will do anything to get the people behind it. even if he isn’t from the criminal world he is thrown into for answers.

This does contain plenty of twists along the way, as to who is behind everything that will leave you shocked too. The performances of the lead two actors are great, being very different to each other, making them both stand out. When it comes to the action, we have great fight sequences, and shootouts, with a final showdown giving us a relentless experience.

Where to Watch: The Assistant is available on Netflix now.

Final Thoughts The Assistant has plenty of action and a shocking reveal.

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