That Was A Serious Party (2022) Movie Review

That Was a Serious Party – Movie Review

That Was a Serious Party Poster

Director: Dylan Harvey

Plot: The inside and candid story of how a small rave turned into a massive festival.

Runtime: 1 Hour 12 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict on That Was a Serious Party

That Was a Serious Party is a documentary exploring the roots behind the music festival ‘The Secret Garden Party’. Seeing how the fun rave, slowly started to grow into a yearly massive party. A place where people could be someone different, free of their everyday routines.

Over the years the festival started to bring in new ideas to maintain safety, which never existed within the festival. The constant evolution of the festival throughout the year. Looking back to how they are preparing to say goodbye once and for all. The documentary will explore plenty of different trends that were created from their time at the festival. How they challenged people to become more creative with how they created a festival experience.

While I personally would hate being a music festival. This is fascinating to see people get so much enjoyment out of the festival, seeing how much enjoyment it put upon the faces of the crowd involved.

Final ThoughtsThat Was a Serious Party is an interesting documentary, celebrating a hugely popular festival.

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