Superman Vs. The Elite (2012) Movie Review


ABC Film Challenge – Animation – S – Superman Vs. The Elite (2012)

Director: Michael Chang

Writer: Joe Kelly (Screenplay) Jerry Siegel, Joe Shuster (Characters)

Starring: (Voice Talents) George Newbern, Pauley Perrette, Robin Atkin Downes, Dee Bradley Baker, Odie Banks

Plot: The Man of Steel finds himself outshone by a new team of ruthless superheroes who hold his idealism in contempt.

Tagline – The Elite have no rules. The Elite show no mercy. The Elite answer to no one. Now one hero must stop them.

Runtime: 1 Hour 16 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Verdict: Nice Superman Movie

Story: Superman vs. The Elite starts as Superman is drawn into fighting a growing threat in the world, Atomic Skull. A man that is getting stronger and harder to bring down, after defeating him. He faces the same questions about not eliminating the threat for good, before a new threat comes to the world in a small nations.

Superman finds himself fighting giant creature. Where he is joined by other superheroes from England led by Manchester Black. Only for Manchester and the Elite using rougher techniques who will eliminate all threats on the world. Leading to Superman needing to learn and fight for his place in the world.

Thoughts on Superman Vs. The Elite


Superman is still fighting the good fight for the world, refusing to turn to violence when dealing with villains. When a new group of superheroes arrive in the world. Superman is caught in the position of losing public appeal. Needing to prove his way is correct before becoming the latest target of the superhero group.

Manchester Black is the leader of the Elite, the British crime fighter isn’t willing to let his enemies go. Slowly turning the world on Superman, driving Superman to a new darker side to get his own position in the world back.

Lois Lane is Clark’s partner, she knows all about Superman side of him and is trying to help him find a way to remain in the power position of the world.


The story here follows Superman as he faces a new enemy, one that wants to do good in the world with The Elite. Only they go too far with their methods. This does change parts of what we know about Superman, instead of a grand supervillain. He needs to fight back against people who have started to become consumed by power. Seeing him needing to fight for his place in the world as the leading superhero. The tone does feel darker, because it leads you down the road that he could need to become everything he hates to win this battle.

Action/Sci-FiThe action in the film is giant superhero battles, it works in animation without a doubt, with the sci-fi side showing us something fresh when approaching the different methods people could become superheroes.

SettingsThe film uses a mix of the traditional Superman settings with the world outside showing what he wants to fight for on the grander scale.

AnimationThe animation style works for the superhero genre, it shows the large destruction going on within the film, letting things get more out of hand during the events.

Scene of the Movie – The final battle.

That Moment That Annoyed Me – Could have done with more back story on the rest of the Elite.

Final Thoughts This is an entertaining Superman movie that pushes him to new limits that he isn’t prepared for to show his true nature.

Overall: Enjoyable Superman Movie.


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