Super 8 (2011)

Director: J.J. Abrams

Writer: J.J. Abrams

Starring: Joel Courtney, Riley Griffiths, Ryan Lee, Gabriel Basso, Zach Mills, Kyle Chandler, Elle Fanning, Noah Emmerich


Story When six friends Joe (Courtney), Charles (Griffiths), Cary (Lee), Martin (Basso) Preston (Mills) and Alice (Fanning) are filming a zombie movie at a train station disaster strikes. A car comes onto the track and drives straight into the train causing a horrific train crash. The six friends are lucky to escape unhurt but as they escape the Air force turn up.


The friends decide to use the train wreck for background on their movie. In their town strange things start occurring like electrical equipment going missing and all the dogs running away. After the Sheriff goes missing it is up to Deputy Jackson (Chandler) to find out the truth and Nelec (Emmerich) the leader of the Air Force tries to obstruct his investigation.


With a potentially alien creature roaming this small town can the residents make it though the situation? Is the creature dangerous or friendly?

Verdict This sci-fi thriller drama coming of age tale has everything. When things are getting to the edge of thrilling the drama pauses not stops the action and just as the drama gets to an emotional level the thriller comes off pause and picks up right where you left off. The young cast all shine in a realistic environment. The way the creature is hidden through the whole movie and only getting glimpse adds to the huge suspense. This has all the coming of age of Stand By Me mixed in with a monster movie is great effect. I think this movie shines by not having an A list star in letting each of the actors shine on screen, This movie has absolutely everything for all fans of every genre to see truly is a great.


Story Mark 10/10 Has everything


Action Mark 9/10 Some great action scenes incredible train wreck scene too.


Character Development Mark 9/10 Learn who each character is and more and more about the creature as the story unfolds.


Friendship Chemistry Mark 10/10 can all be seen to be best friends all the way through.


Special Effects Mark 9/10 Very effective special effects through out.


Star Performances Joel Courtney as Joe Lamb playing a child who mother has recently died and best friend and driving force of Charles determination to make the movie,


Elle Fanning as Alice being almost bossy but really just trying to fit into the group knowing an awkward moment needed to be spoken about.


Favourite Characters Charles reminded me of my favourite character in The Goonies Chunk but with a more sensible side.


Cary way to into his explosion very funny character


Joe determined nature that will do anything for his friends even after what has happened,


Best Part The train wreck is pretty special but its hard to pick an actually best part of a near perfect movie.


Best Quote after the driver is nearly asleep from drugs Cary goes ‘He’s too stoned!’ Martin goes ‘Oh, Drugs are so bad!’


Similar Too – Stand By Me, Cloverfield, The Goonies, E.T


My Rating 98%

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