Summerslam 2022 Review & Recap

Summerslam 2022 Review & Recap

Live from Nashville, Tennessee WWE brings us Summerslam 2022.

This will have full spoilers for the show.

Match One – Raw Women’s Title Match Bianca Belair © vs. ‘Big Time’ Becky Lynch


The match is surrounded by the shock of last Summerslam return from Becky Lynch who ended Belair’s first title in 27 seconds. Belair went on her own redemption story to win the title from Becky at Wrestlemania, while Becky has been determined to win her title back.

Becky starts by working on Bianca’s arm, looking to take away her strength advantage. Having a smart reversal to the KOD on the outside to regain control. Bianca does struggle with the strength moves because of the early target of the arm. There is a near count-out victory for Bianca and hitting a KOD on the outside before Becky regains control hitting the man-handle slam for a massive near fall. This leads to an impressive Spanish fly reversal from a middle rope man-handle slam before a big KOD for Bianca for the 1.2.3.

Winner – Bianca Belair

Match Rating 4/5

Post-Match Becky offers a handshake, and a reluctant Bianca accepts and they hug it out, Bianca finally has earned Becky’s respect.

Bayley’s music hit returning after her over one-year-long injury to approach Bianca as well as returning Dakota Kai and Io Shirai. The 3-on-1 odds are evened by Becky before Bayley leads her troops off.

Two huge returns showing early signs of Triple H’s effect on the women’s division, bringing Dakota Kai back to the company and taking an underused Io Shirai (now going by Iyo Sky) from NXT 2.0.

Match 2 – Logan Paul vs The Miz

Built on the fact The Miz turned on Logan Paul after their tag team match at Wrestlemania. The match has struggled in the build because of Logan Paul’s natural heel persona being placed in the face position for the rivalry. The fans clearly hate Paul, despite how well The Miz is trying to present himself as a heel.

The Miz is accompanied by Maryse and Ciampa. The match starts with Miz teasing Paul before Logan Paul jumps into action. In what is a regular slow match, that will give Logan Paul a chance to show his athletic ability. It takes a turn when Ciampa gets caught trying to get involved before AJ Styles comes to take him out.

The closing section of the match sees Logan Paul hitting an amazing Frog Splash from the top rope through the announce table.  This leads to Maryse trying to distract the referee before stepping out the way, hitting The Miz with Skull Crushing Finale.

Winner – Logan Paul

Match Rating 2/5

Match 3 – US Title Match – Bobby Lashley © vs Theory

In a rematch from Money in the Bank, The briefcase holder Theory wants to regain his title and make history by becoming the youngster ever WWE Universal Champion of all time. This match has always been the second thought in the rivalry between the two.

Theory takes advantage of Lashley turning his back on him with an early briefcase attack. In what is a short fun enough match. Theory does get to show off his athletic ability, but Bobby Lashley’s power takes control as he locks in the Hurt Lock for a quick tap-out from Theory.

Winner – Bobby Lashley

Match Rating 2/5

Match 4 – Judgement Day Finn Balor and Damien Priest W. Rhea Ripley vs Rey and Dominik Mysterio in a No Disqualification Match.

Judgement Day has been trying to get Dominik to join them for weeks now and back to full strength, they look to end the Mysterios.

The match starts with a brawl with Judgement Day trying to make a statement before the high-flying Mysterios take control. Leading to the start of a normal tag match before Rhea finally gets involved. When Judgement Day are preparing for the double chair shot on Rey, the lights go out and music hits and the mysterious videos are the return of Edge. Edge helps the Mysterios pick up the win.

Winners – The Mysterios

Match Rating 2.5/5

A video package hyping up Kevin Owens is played, showing everything, he has accomplished in his career. Does this mean he will be taken to the next level by Triple H?

Match 5 – Pat McAfee vs Happy Corbin

In what is another random celebrity match, Pat McAfee has continued to prove himself born to be a sports entertainer at the commentary desk. In a rivalry that is focused on their early American football career, this is a match we don’t have many expectations behind.

The mind games start early, with a choir singing ‘Bum Ass Corbin’ taking Happy out of his game. McAfee looks to get started quickly, shocking Corbin, before he can regroup on the outside. Corbin gets excellent heat from the crowd throughout the match. This is some of the best reaction Corbin has had from the crowd in years. When McAfee gets back into the match the crowd do pop, with McAfee getting revenge on the heel figure of Happy Corbin. This is one of the biggest crowd reaction matches of the night, which will the match an extra star rating.

Winner – Pat McAfee

Match Rating – 3/5

Drew McIntyre gets a chance to address the crowd after winning his number one contender match on Smackdown the night before. He will challenge at Clash at the Castle for the WWE Undisputed Championship.

Match 6 – Unified Tag Team Title Match – The Usos © vs The Street Profits with special guest referee Jeff Jarrett

This match is built on the fact there was a controversial ending to the Money in the Bank Match, where the Street Profits had a shoulder up and the ref missed it. This is the battle between two of the best teams in the business at the moment.

Jeff Jarrett makes an early statement that he will call things down the middle stopping both Jimmy and Dawkins from going over a five count. It doesn’t take long for the Usos to take control of the match isolating Dawkins along the way. The Usos slow the match right down, stepping away from the fast pace expected from the teams.

After Jimmy takes too long, Dawkins gets the first chance for Montez Ford to get involved in the match, speeding everything up. After a quick flurry from Ford, the Usos look to slow everything down again, before Dawkins goes flying through the Usos. When both teams start getting two counts, they start questioning Jarrett’s counting. Ford takes his eye off the prize, leading to a mistake, letting the Usos hit the 1D on Dawkins to retain.

Winners – The Usos

Match Rating 4/5

A video package showing the return of Charlotte Flair is played, looking back on everything she has achieved in her career.

Riddle makes a surprise appearance in the ring, charging through the crowd. Calling out Seth Rollins despite the security team trying to hold him back. Rollins looks to answer the challenge, despite the locker room pouring out to split them, leading to a massive brawl. Rollins delivers another stomp to Riddle’s injured neck of Riddle.

Match 7 – Smackdown Women’s Title – Liv Morgan © vs Ronda Rousey

After Liv Morgan’s Money in the Bank briefcase win and shock case in on an injured Ronda Rousey. Liv Morgan now faces the baddest woman on the planet at full health. The most difficult fight of her career, never wanting to let her fans down.

Ronda is more focused than ever, jumping straight into action showing her fighting and strength advantage. Liv shows a plucky side constantly finding a way to reach out of the armbar. The ref tries to get the trainer to check on Liv, but Liv is refusing to give up rolling the armbar into a pin, while tapping out before the three count.

This was a difficult match as the pair didn’t seem to click as well. It could help Ronda show a darker side, while Liv has a win on the record, despite it feeling cheaper.

Winner – Liv Morgan

Match Rating 2/5

Ronda unhappy continues the attack on Liv and the referee locks the armbar on everyone that comes to stop her.

Kane makes an appearance, despite his controversial opinions that have ruined his legacy.

Main Event – Undisputed Universal Championship Match – Roman Reigns © vs Brock Lesnar Last Man Standing

After the pair fought to unify the titles at Wrestlemania. Brock wants one more match to finish the rivalry once and for all. There is also the lingering shadow of Theory promising to cash in after the two have beaten the hell out of each other. This has been a rivalry going on for one year, after Brock Lesnar’s shocking return last year.

Brock has an early surprise for Roman, he is driving a tractor to the ring in full cowboy mode. Taking no time going after Roman, launching himself off the tractor and relentlessly going after Roman. Brock takes Roman straight to Suplex City, throwing around the ringside. In what will see the two behemoths battling away, Brock takes full control of the match. With Brock taking Roman out with a guillotine for the latest near the finish.

In what is the biggest spot of the night, Brock Lesnar uses the tractor to lift up the ring, sending Roman stumbling out the other side. The Usos get involved to Roman a chance to regroup, with Brock throwing them around like rag dolls. When Heyman gets in Brock’s face, he F5s him through the announce table before Roman delivers a spear.

Theory looks to cash in his money in the bank with everybody out cold. But Brock attacks Theory, letting the Usos come back into the fight. This lets Roman get a couple of near 10 counts. Roman uses Theory’s briefcase to beat Brock down. Next is the title, Brock won’t stay down and Roman cannot believe it. The Bloodline looks to bury Brock under everything at ringside with Roman standing over everything, finally getting the 10 count.

Winner – Roman Reigns

Match Rating 4/5

In a pure chaotic match that saw both Roman and Brock Lesnar give everything in a true behemoth-level match. The Theory cash-in idea didn’t work as well as it could, because it was after the ring had been destroyed, meaning he couldn’t have a pinfall win against the winner.

Next up Roman Reigns vs Drew McIntyre at Clash at the Castle.

The overall show felt good, the celebrity matches did the basics needed. With the three standout matches of Bianca Belair vs Becky Lynch, The Usos vs The Street Profits and Roman Reigns vs Brock Lesnar make up for the weaker matches. The massive returns of Bayley, Dakota Kai and call up of Iyo Sky was a fantastic moment too.

The show is a 3.5/5

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