Soólè (2021) Movie Review

Soólè – Movie Review


Director: Kayode Kasum

Writer: Stephen Okonkwo (Screenplay)

Writer: Kayode Kasum (Story)


  • Sola Sobowale
  • Adunni Ade
  • Femi Jacobs
  • Adedimeji Lateef
  • Shawn Faqua

Plot: A group of travellers on a bus journey home for Christmas find themselves entangled in a cat-and-mouse game with dangerous criminals.

Runtime: 1 Hour 56 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Soólè starts when Sister Veronica (Ade) joins a group of travellers on a bus journey across Nigeria. As the journey continues, there is a debate about religion and what people want in life. This escalates when they clash with a group of criminals in search of a bag.

As the two sides question what to do next, the discussion and questions about what would be right keep coming up. With the journey home for Christmas becoming more difficult for the travellers.

Verdict on Soólè

Soólè is a thriller that follows a group of travellers who are trying to get home for Christmas when they clash with a group of criminals. It sees the different beliefs brought to the table as the debate about what to do comes out. Who could protect them and why they have been put in this situation?

This does create a story that offers bigger questions, that help keep the debates fresh. It shows the divides between people and what they believe, as well as the problems being faced in everyday life. This could also be put down as a Christmas movie, showing how other cultures celebrate the holiday and what it means in other countries.

The performances in the movie are strong, which helps keep the debate tight, showing how determined they are to win the arguments.

Final ThoughtsSoólè is an interesting look at how people from different worlds can come together to solve problems.

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