Slaxx (2020) Movie Review

Slaxx – Fun Horror Comedy

Director: Elza Kephart

Writer: Patricia Gomex, Elza Kephart (Screenplay)

Starring: Romane Denis, Brett Donahue, Sehar Bhojani, Kenny Wong, Tianna Nori, Erica Anderson, Stephen Bogaert, Jonathan Emond

Plot: When a possessed pair of jeans begins to kill the staff of a trendy clothing store, it is up to Libby, an idealistic young salesclerk, to stop its bloody rampage.

Runtime: 1 Hour 17 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Slaxx starts when Libby (Denis) gets hired in a trendy store, one that is about to release a brand-new pair of jeans, ones that will shape to the person wearing them. The store goes into lockdown for the overnight preparation with no connection to the outside world with the only person be welcomed in will be social media star Peyton Jules (Anderson).

When it turns out the jeans have a mind of their own, they start killing the employees leaving only Libby to look to put the fight back against them to make it out alive, while the others hide in fear.

Thoughts on Slaxx

Characters & Performances – Libby is the new young shop clerk, with this being her first day, she must get to know the fellow workers, while her boss is expecting her to know everything on her opening night. She does come off like a poorly innocent figure in the cut-throat world of shallow people. She does try to think of a way to deal with the evil jeans, looking for answers and not just being a victim. Romane Denis is great in this role, the innocent petit size of her helps show us just how out of her depth the character looks in this world. Craig is the store manager who is always looking for a promotion, he only cares about his own future, being over demanding of his employees, even looking to cover up deaths. Brett Donahue is fun to watch in the self-centred character. We do get to meet a host of employees along the way, first Shruti who keeps to herself, while we get the self-centred ones and the one that instantly looks down on Libby.

StoryThe story here follows the launch of a new pair of jeans which will see the whole team and new employee preparing for the release, only for the jeans to have a mind of their own, a blood hungry mind. When we saw ‘In Fabric’ we thought we might have seen the last killer clothing movie, well this one does bring us a new approach, one that does going in a very different direction, one that will have an important message about consumption and commercial behaviour. The story might well fall into the slasher side once we get the killer side of everything, while seeing the terror unfold through the eyes of Libby only enhances the experience.

ThemesSlaxx is a horror comedy which will play out like a slasher, while giving us the comical versions of shop clerks. The film keeps the single locations of the trendy fashion store, being it the store front or behind the scenes, we get to see how and where people will look to get away from the pressure of the job.

Slaxx will bring us a killer you have never seen before, for a funny look at the trendy fashion stores operation.

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