See No Evil (2006)

logoDirector: Gregory Dark

Writer: Dan Madigan (Screenplay)

Starring: Glenn Jacobs, Christina Vidal, Michael J Pagan, Samantha Noble, Steven Vidler, Cecily Polson, Luke Pegler, Rachel Taylor, Penny McNamee, Craig Horner


Plot: A group of delinquents are sent to help clean up a hotel to get some time off their sentences. Little do they know that psychopath Jacob Goodnight (Jacobs) hides away in the shadows before starting to pick the hapless teens offenders off one by one. The only way they can survive is teaming up together and along with Williams (Vidler) a cop who shot Goodnight as well as losing an arm in previous encounter years before.


Verdict: An old school slasher without too much bite

Story: Now the ABC killer stalking teens doing all the warnings works great, but every single one of the victims is a young offender, while in a traditional slasher they are normal character flawed people. Granted some of the offences are very small but having them next to their names you only really think one is innocent and she isn’t even the lead. To make things worse one of the biggest assholes in the film is one who gets out alive, now how does that work? They should be the ones getting killed off by the end. Let’s look at some positives well Jacob Goodnight is a good addition to the serial killer genre with his fascination with taking people eyes and his unique kills. What you end up with is a slasher that doesn’t follow the rules but still has enough effect to keep you interested. (7/10)


Actor Review: Glenn Jacobs – Jacob the monstrous killer who will not stop killing. Jacobs’ is great in this role with his huge physic and ability to give a blank expression while killing. Jacob Goodnight new horror icon? (8/10)


Actor Review: Samantha Noble – Kira the object of Jacob’s obsession due to her religious tattoos. Tries to be a bad ass chick but quickly becomes a scared screamer even though he character should be hard as nails due to abuse suffered earlier in her life. This character gets mixed up too much she turns into the one we are meant to root for but her back story should not be afraid of the situation and put up much more of a fight. (5/10)


Director Review: Gregory Dark – With the amount of experience he has I would expect to see a better execution of the film. (7/10)


Horror: The horror scenes role out and a potential new icon of horror is born. (8/10)

Thriller: Not many of the kills are built up with any suspense. (6/10)

Special Effects: Some very good special effects but also some CGI which has dated. (7/10)

Believability: Any serial killer slasher could be considered believable but this one has a guy with a hole in his head as the villain, really? (1/10)

Chances of Tears: No (0/10)

Settings: A creepy abandoned hotel makes a good setting for the film. (9/10)

Suggestion: I like a slasher film, I will usually watch all of them. I would suggest this to all the slasher film fans and general horror film fans but that is as far as the interest of people will come from. (Try It)


Best Part: I like the final kill very brutal.

Worst Part: the characters are wrong.

Kill Of The Film: Zoe

Trivia: The name Jacob Goodnight is never mentioned during the film.

Oscar Chances: No

Chances of Sequel: A sequel is in the works


Overall: basic slasher that offers nothing new to genre


Rating 67

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