Scream 3 (2000) Victim List

Scream 3 The Victim List

Scream VI is about to come to the cinema. Meaning one thing, we have a new Ghostface or Ghostfaces. So, before the movie comes out, it is time to look back through the franchise and try to figure out who the killer is in each individual kill in the movie.

We will be doing this one movie at a time, and this will include complete spoilers. Once this is complete, I will be ranking my top 10 favourite Ghostface kills in the franchise.

Scream 3

Scream 3 Poster

Scream 3 has differences from the rest of the movies, for this one I am going to be seeing if Roman could have killed them. That is because he is the only killer in the movie.

Victim – Christine 
Scream 3 Christine

Kill – Christine is Cotton’s girlfriend waiting for him at home. She is getting ready for bed when Ghostface arrives in her apartment using Cotton’s voice. Christine believes it is a twisted game that he has been known for, only thing time she finds it more deadly than normal. She doesn’t believe Cotton is whom he claims when he returns home, leading to Ghostface coming up behind her.

Killer – This seems like an easy one to come off with for Roman alone.

Victim – Cotton Weary 
Cotton Scream 3

Kill – Cotton is travelling home when he receives a phone call from a mysterious woman. Flirting with the woman, he learns that it is in fact Ghostface who wants to know where Sidney is. refusing to give that information, he rushes home through rush hour traffic to try and save Christine. He ends up getting overpowered and killed off eliminating another one of the originals in the franchise.

Killer – Much like with Christine, he has set this up to get the two quick kills, which could easily be done alone.

Victim – Sarah 
Sarah Scream 3

Kill – Sarah is one of the actresses involved in Stab 3, she comes to visit Roman about her death scene in the movie. Seeing herself tired of her career, her phone call with Roman turns sour as she gets attacked by Ghostface. She gets trapped in the office, as she looks for a hiding spot in the wardrobe room, hiding in the middle of the Ghostface costumes. Eventually, she is chased around the office before getting killed.

Killer – Roman is the one who called her into the office, he makes himself seem like a clear suspect in the movie. Ghostface even breaks character by claiming it to be his movie, like Roman did.

Victim – Steven Stone 
Steven Scream 3

Kill – Steven Stone is Jennifer’s bodyguard, he doesn’t like anyone else including Dewey. After he receives a phone call from Dewey, it turns out that Ghostface is right behind. Stabbing him in Dewey’s trailer before dying on Jennifer’s doorstep.

Killer – This again could see the director following the cast around, as most of them are together, it eliminates any threat to them.

Victim – Tom Prinze
Tom Scream 3

Kill – Tom is one of the actors in the movie, who is at the house with the rest of the cast. After Steven is killed, the cast starts getting faxes with messages on them. Everybody else leaves, but he wants to know the answer, leading him to return to the home and get blown up in an explosion.

Killer – This one could have been done from a distance, only he doesn’t know how many of the cast he will pick off with the technique.

Victim – Angelina
Angelina Scream 3

Kill – Angelina is playing Sidney in the Stab movie, she is presented as the girl next door who is lucky to get the role. However, it turns out she got herself cast in the movie by sleeping with Roman. She wants to make the most of her time in Hollywood but snaps finding herself alone and killed by Ghostface.

Killer – This is where things get messier as it is clear Roman could have been hiding after faking his death. However, it is very sudden after the incident of finding his body.

Victim – Tyson
Tyson Scream 3

Kill – Tyson is another one of the actors in the movie being produced. He doesn’t seem to have much to do in the movie, with his death coming in the chaos after Angelina’s it becomes clear the killer is working alone here.

Killer – This is a quick after the last one moment, it is clear it is the same killer.

Victim – Jennifer
Jennifer Scream 3

Kill – Jennifer is playing Gail in the movie, she is the highlight of the movie and finds clues. She finds herself in a secret passageway, where she fails to fight off the killer. This is the most gutting kill as she could easily have been a welcome addition to the movie.

Killer – This continues the idea the killer knows his way around the house. Roman would know about the secret passageways and use them to his advantage, also happens straight after the previous two.

Final Kill Count: 9

Killer Roman – This was the first movie that went down the road of having just one killer. Creating two main areas to get the highest kill count to date. By only having one killer it does lose the shock value needed to make the ending more interesting.

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