Rogue Agent (2022) Movie Review

Rogue Agent – Movie Review

Rogue Agent

Director: Declan Lawn, Adam Patterson

Writer: Michael Bronner, Declan Lawn, Adam Patterson (Screenplay)


Plot: The extraordinary and chilling story of career conman Robert Freegard who masqueraded as an MI5 agent and fooled people into going into hiding, and the woman who fell for him, and then brought him down.

Runtime: 1 Hour 55 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Rogue Agent starts as Robert Freegard (Norton) has conducted his business in small villages. Where he gets people to help him solve crimes and go into hiding when things go wrong. Nine years later, Robert operates in a vintage car dealership, where he meets lawyer Alice Archer (Arterton).

As the two start a relationship, Alice starts investigating him more and learns more about his mysterious past. This leads to Robert revealing his past and why he needs to keep his identity secret.

Verdict on Rogue Agent


Robert Freegard is a con artist that has been making people go into hiding, after claiming to be an MI5 agent. He has been doing this for years, having many people manipulated into following his orders. Now, living in London, he can remain hidden in plain sight, meeting lawyer Alice.

Alice Archer is a litigation lawyer that has broken down the barriers to getting to the highest level in her company. She isn’t normally interested in dating until she meets Robert. This puts her into a relationship where she questions herself, after learning more about his mysterious past. Getting torn between helping victims or having love.

Sarah is one of the victims that has been in hiding for years, she is completely devoted to following anything Robert suggests. She has been left to fend for herself by the orders he gives her.


Gemma Arterton is great in the leading role of the film. She shows us the character that has been through the world and is now left with nothing. The career side of her character shows the incredible strength to prove everyone wrong.

James Norton is a con artist who has charming ways about him. He shows the character can get close to anyone, before turning everything around on them.


The story follows a lawyer who gets her savings stolen from her new lover. She learns that he is a con artist and looks to learn about his past. This will lead to the terrifying truth about who he truly is.

When it comes to the con artist’s story, it comes down to how disturbing the act is. How Robert acted is horrendous to see, using people to get away with everything for decades. Where things are slightly confusing, is how easily a hard-working lawyer would fall for the tricks. Then adding in that we don’t see too much communication between her law firm, who would help solve the problem.

Outside of that issue, we get a tidy way to see how everything unfolds and how easily Robert manipulated people through the years. It does feel disturbing, but you feel like the true story could be even more disturbing to learn about.


Rogue Agent is a mystery thriller that explores the motivation of a con artist. It shows how he can draw people into his con and how he tricked people into believing his lies. This will feel too disturbing to have imagined being true.

Where to Watch: Rogue Agent is available on Netflix.

Final Thoughts Rogue Agent is a disturbing thriller, that shows the shocking actions of a con artist.

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