Riki the Rhino (2020) Movie Review

Riki the Rhino – Important Animation

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Director: Erwin Budiono

Writer: Cassandra Massardi (Screenplay) Jony Yuwono (Story)

Cast: (Voice Talents) Jennifer Castle, Hamish Daud, Ge Pamungkas, Paul Reynolds, Zack Lee

Plot: A young Sumatran rhinoceros called Riki has his horn stolen by the horrible poacher Mr Jak. To get his horn back, Riki embarks on an exciting adventure through the rainforest with his friend Beni the duck. Along the way Riki helps other animals in trouble and every time he helps, he is rewarded with a new skill that will help him on his quest.

Runtime: 1 Hour 32 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Riki the Rhino starts when happy rhino Riki has his horn stolen by poachers. His best friend Beni the duck, builds him a new horn. Sacrificing his feathers to help his friend. The pair head through the jungle in search for Riki’s horn.

The journey will see them meet other animals who have clashed with poachers. Riki will help the different animals and in return he gets a reward. The reward will give Riki new skills, ones he can use to help him on his journey.

Thoughts on Riki the Rhino


Riki is the rhino that has created amazing stories in the jungle. He loses his horn to a poacher, needing to listen to his best friend. Needing to learn about what it takes to be fearless. Helping the other animals in the jungle from the same fate. Gaining new skills, ones he can use to help him fight back against poachers. Riki is a great character that shows moving forward will help change the future.

Beni is the loyal friend to Riki, a duck that gave up his feathers to give Riki a new horn. He pushes Riki into searching for his real horn. Showing him what they can achieve by working together against the poachers.

With the other animals, we see the animals you would expect to see in a jungle. Each one is facing a problem that needs solving. One they can’t do alone.


The story follows a rhino that fins himself needing to help the animals of the jungle. After losing his own horn, he will lead the other animals in helping solve their problems. He will get a reward for helping, giving him the skills of the animal, he rescued.

We get a story that will put a firm spotlight on humans’ involvement in destruction of animal’s habitat. It shows how the animals will need to fight back. We get the courage needing to be found by a rhino who feels helpless without his horn. Teamwork will achieve more in life, with the animals looking to help each other to achieve freedom.

The story will have the comedy to keep things lighter than the serious subject matter. Keeping the story family friendly throughout.


Riki the Rhino is an animated adventure movie. One that will show the tragic behaviour happening in jungles and rainforests. Putting a form focus on how the animals are being hunted down by poachers from their natural homes. How they wouldn’t be able to fight back themselves, needing to work together here. The Indonesian animation has a different look to the glossy Disney ones. It works for the film though, giving it a charm of its own.

Final ThoughtsRiki the Rhino is a fun animation, with a striking warning to humans.

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