Revealer (2022) Movie Review ‘Big Conversation, Filled of Terror’

Revealer – Big Conversation, Filled with Terror

Revealer Poster

Director: Luke Boyce

Writer: Michael Moreci, Tim Seeley (Screenplay) Luke Boyce (Story)

Starring: Caito Aase, Phil Bogdan, Sammy DelPurgatorio, Buzz Leer, Shaina Schrooten, Bishop Stevens

Plot: Tensions rise when a stripper and religious protester are trapped together in a peep show booth and must come together to survive the apocalypse in 1980’s Chicago.

Runtime: 1 Hour 26 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Revealer starts as we get to see how stripper Angie Pitarelli (Aase) keeps making her money in peep show booth. Knowing the money is the most important part of this job. With her latest show, her bouncer Ray (Stevens) finds an unwelcome knocking at the door.

Angie trapped in her booth. The screams fill the background as a religious protester Sally (Schrooten) seeks a place to hide. The two clashing over their beliefs, with Sally believing it is the rapture. The two women must put their differences aside to try and survive the apocalypse.

Thoughts on Revealer

Characters & Performances

Angie is a stripper that works in a peep show booth, which will keep her at a distance from the clients. Even if the work conditions are as smooth as they could be, the money helps her get through her life. She doesn’t need to explain her life, as she is doing the right thing for her life. She is looking for a way out of the booth, needing to convince the religious protester that they can escape together.

Sally is the religious protester that has been protesting outside the club, but finds herself inside when the rapture starts. Believing she will have a way into the pearly gates no matter what is happening in the rapture. She looks down on Angie as a sinner, believing she is better than everyone around her. She must learn the lesson about life, about never judging people without learning their stories.

The clash in characters shows how the two people from different lives would have come together to fight to survive the rapture. Showing that in any walk of life, learning about people will be the best way to move forward. Caito Aase and Shaina Schrooten are both great in the leading roles. They bring their differing characters to life with ease.


The story here will follow a stripper and religious protester that must put their differences aside. To work together to survive the rapture which has sudden come down on the city. Revealer will use the idea that people will live different lives and shouldn’t be judged as the major learning curve. Using the 1980s environment to show that the era was in more of a pre-judgemental state towards people.

The idea that we will get the bigger conversation about the religious belief that stripping is a sin. Could have been a lot deeper into the difference of opinions. When it comes to the rapture side of things. A lot is kept away from us, letting the horrors of what could be happening outside come through in the story.


Revealer is a horror thriller that will rely on not letting us see the true horrors of the rapture first happening. Leaving us trapped with the two women as they must look at their lives and decide whether they would be accepting. When it comes to final judgement.

We have the whole movie set within the peep show booth, will show that our characters are both trapped. Having no visuals of the outside world, leaving them only hearing the screams. When we do see the evil. We do get great effects that will bring the terror that the characters are going through to the spotlight.

Final Thoughts Revealer is filled with religious discussion, as the terror waits to unfold.

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