Repo! The Genetic Opera (2008)


Director: Darren Lynn Bousman

Starring: Alexa Vega, Paul Sorvino, Anthony Head, Sarah Birightman, Paris Hilton, Bill Moseley, Nivek Ogre, Terrance Zdunich, Sarah Power

After the a worldwide epidemic a biotech company GenCo offer an organ transplant with the payment set out as a loan. However there is a catch if you miss a re-payment a repoman will come and take the organ back. With the black market offering zydrate a new painkilling drug taken from dead bodies. We enter the world very different to what we are used to seeing.

Our heroine is Shilo (Alexa Vega) and sick young girl who unable to go outside due to her sickness but secretly sneaks off to her mothers grave. Her curiosity of bugs lands her in trouble when she bumps into the GraveRobber (Terrance Zdunich) doing what he does best collecting zydrate, only the alarms go off and all grave trespassers get shot on site. Shilo gets caught but the Repo Man stops them killing her.

The Repo Man (Anthony Head) is Shilo father (but she doesn’t know it)  job is given to him by Rotti (Paul Sorvino) after Repo Man who’s everyday name is Nathan believes he is responsible for Marni his wife’s death. Rotti himself is dying he has to find an heir for his job as head of GenCo and his three children are only disappointing. Amber Sweet (Paris Hilton) addicted to surgery and zydrate. Luigi (Bill Moseley) is hot headed and just kills people in a heart beat. Pavi who wears a different face for each event he attends. also to make Rotti’s job harder his poster girl Blind Mag (Sarah Brightman) wants to leave.

Rotti sets out the talk Shilo into being the new poster girl for his company by promising to cure her sickness, while he sends Nathan out to kill Blind Mag lets the opera start who will be left standing when all the blood is spilt? Who will be in charge of GenCo?

The thing that makes this movie stand out above the rest is the rock opera with everything being sung through out the film with some very catchy songs and some bad ones but hey. Each location is very dark showing how down the world has become. the story is easy to follow told in a simple enough format but also keeps the twists in the story a surprise.

This movie came from a play created by Terrance Zdunich which was meant to have to more in the series a sequel and prequel but due to it poor performance at the box office it looks very unlikely we will get the second and third film.

I personal enjoy this movie as it is original and we don’t get many rock opera movies i will give this movie a 89%

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