Reign of Chaos (2022) Movie Review ‘Charlie’s Angels of the Dead’

Reign of Chaos – Charlie’s Angels of the Dead


Director: Rebecca Matthews

Writer: Tom Jolliffe (Screenplay)

Starring: Rebecca Finch, Rita Di Tuccio, Georgia Wood, Peter Cosgrove, Kate Milner Evans, Mark Sears

Plot: When the world is gripped by a plague unleashed by the evil lord Chaos, and humans are turned into rabid creatures, mankind can only be saved by three young women, descendants of a Goddess, with the power to stop Chaos’ evil.

Runtime: 1 Hour 17 Minutes

There may be spoilers in the rest of the review

Story: Reign of Chaos starts when the world has become controlled by Lord Chaos (Sears) who has unleashed a plague on humanity, turning most in rabid creatures, with the few remaining survivors needing to come together just to survive. Nicole (Finch) is one of those survivors, searching for supplies to keep her family alive, until she runs into Rhodri (Cosgrove), a man that knows she is a descendant of a Goddess, being one of the three remaining people along with Alina (Di Tuccio) and Lindsay (Wood) on Earth who can defeat Chaos, before he takes out everyone who can stop him.

Thoughts on Reign of Chaos

Characters & Performances – Nicole joins a group of descendants of a Goddess where she must learn to fight against the evil ruler who has taken over Earth, after learning her skill and purpose, she will need to put it into action. Alina and Lindsay are the other two in the battle, they have been training for years and know their own skills in battle, while having their moments of bickering to prove who is the best. Rhodri is the one putting the girls together, training them, preparing them for this battle, knowing they are the last hope for humanity. Lord Chaos has turned most of the human race into rabid creatures that kill anything they see, following his every order along the way. The performances in the film are fine, nobody is doing anything that will be truly memorable, with Rita Di Tuccio and Georgia Wood showing banter, which does come off the strongest part of the performances.

StoryThe story will follow three women that must comes together to fight against an evil ruler who has conquered the Earth, learning they have the powers to stop him and end his reign of terror. This is a story that will look to create a world where many things are different, giving us a long explanation to open the movie about what has happened in the world, as the quick training becomes important to the final battle. This story is simple enough to enjoy, while relying heavily on the Rhodri character to explain everything going on. The story will give a heavy vibe of Charlie’s Angels, where we have the three fighting women who are guided by an older man who knows what they need to do to win the fight.

ThemesReign of Chaos is an action sci-fi movie that will take us to a world destroyed by an enemy who has turned the survivors into rabid creatures, like zombies, but not zombies, but they clearly are zombies. It will try to use the open space to show how empty the world has become, despite using glimpses of the broken London to show what has become of the biggest cities in the land.

Final Thoughts Reign of Chaos is like watching Charlie’s Angels fight zombies.

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